Suggestion on how to fix new players in top-tier problems

I like to propose an idea on how to fix newbies or players that new to the game that ruining top-tiers matchmaking with their premiums vehicle.

Firstly, toptiers vehicle will be locked or cannot be bought until a certain levels for example, at level 1 to 30 you can only buy premium vehicle of any nations from Rank 1 up to Rank 3 so they can learn about the basic game mechanic or have the idea on how to play, this will also implemented on squadron vehicles.

And secondly, for those who already bought it will have the vehicle locked or cannot use it until they reach a certain level, but they still have the already bought vehicle in their hangars.

This will help both the new players and the old players/veterans. New players will have a much better experience in the game while the old players can enjoy a less-stressful match more in top-tiers
and also this will put the in-game level system into good use and not just there to be some decorations


You seem confused. The new premium users are the paying customers. They are who all the tiers are for, including top tier. The mode is only “ruined” if THEY aren’t having fun.

YOU are allowed to exist in top tier as supporting cast because you create a better environment for THEM to be entertaind and play in. Not the other way around. What would be the point of having a top tier at all if only the non or low paying supporting cast members were on set, and the show was being put on for nobody?

so they can learn about the basic game mechanic

The best possible way to learn the game mechanics of top tier is to play top tier. Anything else is just an approximation with a few weird things you’d have to un-learn later. Top tier is 1:1 education with no un-learning later.

So I disagree that they “have a better experience” at all that way, if what they’re interested in is modern tanks. Playing modern tanks is the most efficient way to learn modern tanks, and it’s also more fun while learning for a person who enjoys modern tanks.

(And there’s roughly as many level 100 veterans at like 4.0 as there are in high tiers anyway, so not really being any more or less clubbed)

tl;dr: There isn’t really a “problem” to “fix”


TBF I believe there is a way that doesn’t fully fix the issue but rather helps it. What they could do is something like PUBG did, new players play in lobbies against AI for a little while, for example, so that they could learn how their jet handles and how to use missiles and bombs, slowly adding players for competition. They could add something on top of this and include better tutorials, maybe even ones that show up in a match (albeit not hindering the players FOV).

Sure tutorials are always good. The bot thing you mentioned literally already exists though.

Shows how long it’s been since I’ve played on a new account. Guess they could just increase the duration this period lasts.

Better tutorials are crucial. Many mechanics are completely undocumented.

High tier premiums are a revenue stream. They would never lock out new players and lose $$.

Changing the high tier premiums to “accelerated promotions”, could be an option. As well as the high tier vehicle, X number of rentals of lower tier vehicles at increasing ranks would be included and through the use of incentives encourage players to play a series of games progressing through the ranks to gain experience.

Incentive is key rather than locking people out.

Finally, using the matchmaker to be weighted to put new players together in matches at higher tiers for X games as another way of easing them in.

Here is how to solve newbies on top tier thanks to premium vehicles:

Wait one week after sale ends

Once a player acquires a vehicle, regardless of their “experience” in the game, it is theirs to keep and play with anyway they like, within the parameters of the game. Just as “level 100’s” can play their tier I vehicles as they wish, newer players the get higher BR’d vehicles have the same option. This is part of the game design and adding any restrictions is just not possible in any fair or equitable fashion. It would be a very slippery slope if Gaijin were to start adding any kind of restrictions along these lines and it would not benefit anyone. If players with little to no experience are hellbent on “playing jets” or any other high end vehicle, so be it . . . they will learn . . one way or another.
The massive addition of virtually nothing but new/more modern vehicles and the marketing of such for the past 2 - 3 years has changed the landscape of the game dramatically. Have to take the good with the bad. Also, the addition of much higher BR premiums aids those who come into the game wanting nothing more than to fly jets and play modern MBTs . . . you see it all the time now. And as a feature to generate revenue, which the game is a business and making more is their ultimate goal, it is not likely that any of this is going to change any time soon. It is what it is. The game has a design that is set up for a long, slow but steady “grind” to the top. It has always been this way and they have said on multiple occasions that it does not benefit anyone to make it “too easy” to get to top tier. I do not see that changing any time soon either. Play your game, don’t worry about what others are doing & let them play their game . . . we all do it differently.
I used to play a lot of RB & Sim tanks back when tanking was new to the game and I enjoyed it very much. Then they changed things a great deal by adding the respawn point system for RB & the “list” of what you could play in Sim. I stopped playing both modes because of these “restrictions” and just play AB tanks now . . and not nearly as much as when tanks were newer to the game. My choice, but the point being, any/all of the suggestions you make will lead to similar actions by some players I would imagine, and cut into the freedoms we enjoy as players now. I cannot support adding anymore restrictions . . . it just seems “counter productive” to the whole thing . . . just my opinion.