Suggestion for buying

I got the possibility to buy KV220 or T80Um2, and i have lineup for both, which do you suggest me to buy considering both the tanks in today’s state of the game?

KV220 because it is premium

KV-220 is awesome

I would suggest the KV220 as well, but buying it during sale is much better (marketplace item’s price will drop slightly).

When will be the marketplace sales?

There are no sales as its other players selling them on the market place, vehicles will go up and down as time goes on, depending on what people want to sell or buy them for. Calling it “a sale” is wrong.
That is, unless Gaijin are putting stuff up to raise or lower prices…

I understand thank you

That is literally what they do… If you sale something at the price that is originally there, then “Gaijin is selling it” and that’s usually at a lower price than what regular people are selling it at. It’s so that people buy from them instead of other players. Plus if other people raise the price then they get more money from the sale sense they get a percentage

The price is highest the week before and the week of 6.0 in SQB, because the KV-220 has been a meta tank there for a very long time.

They also do drop a lot whenever there are SL/GE crates that have coupons for these items

You understood it totally wrong; by sale I meant by store sale. Often right before store sale, players tend to sell off their vehicle coupons on marketplace at a slightly lower price than before.


Lol people tend to sell off their rare vehicles? Nah bruh.
And that would not be a sale, thats individual players selling their stuff.

It does not matter if it is “rare” or not; some players hold on to multiple vehicle coupons for ages until the prices increase enough to make a profit off them in order to spend the Gaijin coins earned on store sales. As I already clarified earlier, by sale I meant by store sale; which word of the “store sale” do you not understand?

May they be cursed.

It’s how things work really in actual auctions. If you want to buy something someone has, wait till the key times when they want cash to purchase something else.

Lead-up to Christmas, NYE, Summer… That kind of thing makes people think they need to move something on, because they need space in the garage or cash in hand to buy something.