Suggestion:delete Germany post WW2 line

Not only with the worst air force,almost zero air support ability,but also get top tier mbt copied by another country and it’s not the first time had it,germany line are basically a joke. most of their top tier vehicle are either suck or get copied.
dont talk Canada leopard there. u sure know it’s not same to the top tier get copied. I didn’t see any other country get challenger m1a2 or T80bvm.
So maybe it’s best for everyone to remove the German line after WWII and include their vehicles as a subline in other European countries, since you guys basically assume that Canadian Leopards and Leopard A7Vs belong to any European country except Germany.


Nah, we need a place to concentrate all the wehraboos and bad players.

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I think you take things a bit to serious and maybe need a break.