Suggestion approval ETA

How long it takes for suggestion to be approved for vote?
Its my first one done this way.

Sometimes they take a bit, give it a day or two.

Its pending since 27/02 ;)

just because you make suggestion it doesnt mean it gets approved.

AFAIK it usually needs to gain traction - either being something highly requested, or be well done and attract lot of attention.

No, I understand that. Mine is pending… awaiting approval to be posted.

Also, I can’t edit it to fix grammar. ;(

My suggestion was not cleared for publish… or it just disappeared.

Could anyone have an idea what could be wrong with it?

I didn’t get any feedback. It’s discouraging :(

I’ve had one do that, idk what ever happened to it. It was pending and then poof gone

You will need to PM suggestion Moderators for details

Suggestion Moderators
(Contact them for any matters relating to the Suggestions Area)

Senior Suggestion Moderator
(Contact them only if those above cannot help you or you have moderation issues)