[suggestion] a G (or AoA) limiter key

Hello !

After quite a lot of air realistic battles, where I had to get used to the keyboard/mouse gameplay (used to play a lot on realistic combat simulators with HOTAS and rudder), this idea came in my head : a G limiter key (or AoA limiter).

When you fly with a joystick and a track ir for example, you are able to manage your G and AoA like you want, AND look around in the same time. Something that is not possible to do in WT (if you play with keyboard and mouse).
The only way to make a low G turn (to save energy and/or avoid a g loc for the pilot) is to “slew” slowly your mouse, which make you unable to look around. Or make severals “short tap” on the elevator key, which is a solution to avoid a g lock but doesn’t completely solve the energy problem (as soon as you release the key, the plane instantly re-pull to maximum AoA).

IMO, it could help a lot especially with some aircrafts (I’m thinking of the Mirage III for example which is litteraly an airbrake itself when you make a turn), and drastically improve the air combat gameplay experience, giving to players more freedom/possibilities in their dogfight management.

And between G or AoA, I would choose AoA, which give you the possibility to save your energy in a low speed dogfight.

What’s your opinion?


Yeah it would be cool if you could use the mousewheel to set a g-limit, and then when you use mouse-aim the instructor don’t yank the stick out of the control panel and bleed excessive speed.

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There’s no reason for such a handicap. Learn your control mode.

Mouse-aim is already protected from flat spins, stalls, gun recoil, etc (in RB where these things are supposed to exist). What more do you expect from a game?.. You can’t expect the game to do everything for you.

If it’s a suggestion, it belongs in Suggestions → Mechanics.

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Please read my whole message before reply, because I clearly explain the reason.

Sure the “AI instructor” already limit the maximum AOA you can pull to avoid a dynamic stall, manage the rudder to avoid spin, and so on.

But when you use the mouse or the keyboard command to turn, it will pull a lot of AoA when it’s possible , which mean you loose a lot of energy (more or less depending on aircraft and the speed).

“What more do you except”
=> a key that you can press and hold to pull less AOA.

Just use the button tap method.

Sure, with time I manage to have some good results. I just think it’s not the most useful way.