Suggested B.R changes of some Aircraft

A-7K: 11.0 → 10.7 air realistic AND air arcade.
reasoning: the A-7K is completely over tiered, it goes into matches against phantoms and migs that can already bomb bases quicker than it can, making it uncompetitive to the current meta. also, the times that this thing is uptiered is crazy, i get shot down before even getting to the frontline and yeah maybe im a trash player but i dont understand why this is comparable to the FGR.2 or the F-4E in terms of B.R.

A2D-1 9.0 → 7.3 (arcade)


pardon the A2D-1, i fat fingered enter instead of apostrophe.
reasoning: the meta has just advanced too far for this to be at 9.0 anymore, i get why it was there in the first place but now the mig-21 Lazar is in the game at 10.0, ive never not had a match where i havent seen a mig-21.


A7K. Is that a ground attacker?


yes, it is an event plane from the 2023 april fools event.

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Then its either

A) rarely played and so little data on it

B) has a rating based upon its grb performance

But a lot of stuff between 9-11 have messy ratings, we need a br decompression


thats the thing tho, the a-10 is better in most ways in ground but sits at a lower br thna the A-7K

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but idk

Aim-9L + big bomb payload + potentially decent handling?

Yeah, 10.7 might be better for it. But i can see why it might be 11.0

Pros and cons

Airframe is relatively sturdy
Carries enough ordinance to destroy 2 bases
Guided munitions make it very effective for CAS
Gets LANA Flir navigation pod for spotting ground targets
The internal 20 mm M61A1 rotary cannon can shred enemy aircraft
AIM-9Ls can be pretty effective for air-to-air combat

Poor flight performance
Easy target for enemy aircraft
Lacks a functional radar
Prone to catch fire when hit

Yeah, it will be grb why its 11

yeah, its a shame we cant have 2 seperate BRs for this stuff. in SIM the a-7k is 10.0 but is better than most aircraft there


Yeah, thats why i play ASB not ARB these days…

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It would also be nice to see the F-4J (UK) go down to 10.7 in ASB, I’m incredibly confused why the FG.1 and FGR.2 (Better versions of the F-4J) are at 10.7 and the F-4J is at 11.3


Britain tax, only reason for it

Tornado IDS MFG(event plane)
11.0 → 10.7 again…Where it was perfectly fine.

Alternative is extending BR range to 14 and decompressing the hell out of the 11-12 top tier range along with a bunch of 8.0s-10.0

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To be completely honest i also have the A-7K and it should be put down to 10.7 because for 1: ground attack of it is mostly completely useless as it constantly gets destroyed by the pantsir. 2: in air rb it meets top tier jets which is completely unfair considering it is using 2 Aim-9L’s against Mig-29’s with the R-27ER.
This jet also cant even make it halfway across the map before being destroyed.


That alternative is the only option


The US F-4J also sits at 11.3 in ASB. Based on the recent BR philosophy changes, aircraft of the same model and rank should have the same BR. I haven’t flown the British version, but the stats and loadout look similar.

I’m still grinding out the mods for the US version, but half done it feels outclassed by the Mig-23s at 11.3. That said, it’s far from unplayable at 11.3. It does have the advantage of being able to carry a large ground attack and air to air payload simultaneously.

My perception (as a US main) is that multirole capable aircraft have higher BR than dedicated role aircraft. I do feel like there’s some room in ASB jets to improve the BR distribution and make many more lobbies playable / competitive. Both factions need competitive aircraft at the same BR for this to work. If the Tornadoes (or maybe French/Swedish/Israeli planes) and Mig-23 can be competitive with each other, then the F-4J could go down.


The British F-4J gets Skyflash instead of AIM-7F, and it doesn’t get HMD. That’s pretty much the only difference.

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We really don’t need more AIM-9Ls below 11.0.

Decompression is what we really need, 9.3-10.7 is already a nightmare.

This jet can’t make it to bomb the bases. Either you get shot down because you are so far back with no support or the friendly phantoms and tornados take all the bases before you can even reach the friendly bases.

The jet is not sturdy whatsoever. Even mild amount of damage will make the jet uncontrollable or barely be able to sustain 200mph with zero engine damage. All I had was a blacked nose(which has never hindered any other single jet I have flown), some blacked control surfaces(didn’t hinder movement), and a moderately damaged wing when I experienced this first hand. For reference: // Issues

AIM 9Ls are extremely easy to counter since they were nerfed and it can only carry 2 of them which is half as many as lower tiered jets.

As far as ground battles, it can be really good. The LANA flir is awesome but due to the AA at the same tier it is practically unusable. If you are high enough to scout for targets, the AA will pick you apart with ease due to low speed and maneuverability.

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This is a problem for a lot of Strikers. Jaguars are in the same boat.

Probably damage to air intakes

Yeah, same as the Tornado IDS. They are almost dead wieght these days. Only really viable in rear aspect.

Sounds like the A7 has the same problem that a lot of stirkers have. I’d suggest checking out in ASB. Sounds like it would be quite a fun aircraft in that gamemode