Suggest Naval Night/dawn/dusk battles rather than Fog

So, I’m a little fog’ed off (sorry, but I could not help it) with playing grey battles where I can’t see what I’m shooting at, apart from a target is selected, so I know where to aim. I can’t actually see the ship. It’s a very grey experience, and as naval battles go on for 30 minutes or so, it becomes very dull. I live in the UK, and I see enough fog driving to work, so I don’t need it when I want to enjoy a naval game in WT.

So please, while I love many of the new weather systems in Naval, fog is not one of them. Could we please have some dawn/dusk/night battles instead? The tracer rounds look amazing in those light conditions.



I would much prefer dawn/dusk/night battles to fog battles.

In my opinion, mist let alone fog doesn’t look great. Even in other sailing games. I think that is just how the mist is. Large, grey, and depressing.

I remember a dusk battle I played once.
I remember the tracers from the Furutaka I was sailing. The skybox, lighting, and reflections were beautiful.

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I didn’t encounter many heavy fog matches, so I didn’t mind it as it was nice change of pace.

Although I don’t like the ship crew being able to provide fire solution for a ship, that isn’t visible through that.
Fog works good in Ground battles, but here with targeting system, it falls short.

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Worst thing is that fog is just visual and you can still lock targets you cant see. So battle turn into wallhack match where you just shoot at xray marks :D



I like any and all Night Battles, still working on grinding out the Ground NB rewards. I LOVE the look of Naval NBs, have done some in custom games before and the tracers reflecting off the water is gorgeous.

I personally thought fog in naval battle to be pretty cool. The downside is that it really doesn’t do anything to your target selection so it might as well not be there. The only hinderance it gives is you not entirely sure if the enemy is behind some shallow cover or not.