Suggest and discuss: Reduce the research points of copy paste vehicles

I first tried post this in suggestion categories but failed, so here I am.
As we all know, for many reasons, there are many copy paste vehicles in different nations, like the T-34-85, M4 Sherman, M48, T-72A/M1. When a player play more than one nations, they have to research the same vehicles again and research modifications again. For many vehicles, especially the ones in high ranks, the path from stock to spaded can be suffering, and nobody want to experience it again.
I’m suggesting that, when someone researched a vehicle and made it spaded, research point for the same vehicles in other nations should get a discount, and the second vehicle should be full spaded, so players can experience more different vehicles, not spending time playing a same vehicle again and again. Hope the developers can consider this, like the folded vehicles, this can bring better experience.
And here is a vote about this idea.

When someone make a vehicle with copy/paste brothers in other tech tree spaded
  • The research point for copy paste vehicles should get a discount.
  • The copy paste vehicles should be full spaded after being researched and purchased.
  • I want both A and B.
  • I don’t want this.
  • I have other ideas(please tell us about it)

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The copy paste vehicles are why I will never play certain tech trees. No desire to play many of those tanks ever again.

In this case, you can ignore the vehicles you don’t like, like what Gaijin had said. As the main idea of this game should be collecting and experiencing different vehicles.

I’d take a discount on copy pasta RP, SL, module RP and module SL for any vehicle where you’ve already unlocked one. Maybe 25% per clone, max of 50%. That’d probably do it for me.

I think the main problem is about the modifications, one should directly get all modifications if they made a same vehicle spaded. And this can encourage players to play more vehicles, i belive.
For example, I made soviet PT-76B spaded, so, after I research and purchase Finland PT-76B, it should directly be spaded.
But there is still a problem, how to deal with the research point bonus for modifications.