Suggest adding the Fox 1 missiles and chaff to the top tier plane like su27sm or 15C msip

Considering the current situation, what about adding the Fox 1 missiles and chaff as the default modification to the top-tier planes like the SU27sm or 15C msip?

Currently, the top-tier Air Realistic match is quite unplayable for the stock planes since they don’t have chaff to defend the radar missiles and don’t have any way to against those planes who got the Fox 3 already.


Since I have seen many people keep saying the Fox 3 missiles too op and they need to get multipath effect back to the last update. Personally, I like this kind of change because I kinda like this kind of BVR like in-game but I would say that those players who are still flying the stock plane, they need to find a better way to against “us” or a better way to protect themselves inside of being a suicide immediately.

Btw, I will set another post on the suggestion channel, but I will make a post here so that want to let more people give opinions on this suggestion to let Gaijin consider about that

Nice to see a good and actually workable suggestion for once. This makes sense and would likely be the ideal, rather like making “worse” IR missiles stock at lower BRs (when they used to have no missiles stock).


Just don’t want this post too quiet since I think currently the stock plane from the BR 12.7 to 13.0 would be quite unplayable honestly.

They need to either be stock or tier 1 upgrades. Whoever decided to put the very first Fox-1 missile for the 27SM at as TIER 4 MODIFICATION should be disciplined.

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