Subtrees, yes or no?

I totally agree, subtrees is the best way to add countries, In my opinion, even Israel and Sweden should be subtrees. For Exemple

USA - Some Latin American countries, Canada and Israel.
Russia - Ex USSR countries, Some Africa and Middle East countries.
UK - South Africa, Australia, India and some scandinavian country.
Japan - Taiwan and South Korea
China - North Korea and Vietnam.
German - France (xaxaxa, joke), Poland, Austria, Switzerland and some scandinavian country
France - The ones already added plus some African colonies and some scandinavian country


Republic of China [Taiwan] is already the Chinese tech tree.
Israel in hindsight, has as many weapons as China, and deserved its own tech tree. It however should’ve started from rank 1 from the start.
Sweden is one of the most unique tech trees in the game, it needed its own tech tree.

Post war Chinese tech tree should all be communist China and Taiwan should become integrated into US or Japan, or maybe a bit in both as it’s all US vehicles past ww2

No subtrees, they should all be their own nations.

The only subtrees that should exist is for different branches of the military within the same country.

To make this less grindy than it would be, vehicle research should be separate from nations, so for example you should only have to research the Leopard 2A4 once, then you can purchase it in all the tech trees that have it.

Do realise that scandinavian countries are all under sweden right now?

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Some nations can’t be added with your POV, simply because there is not enough vehicules to be added.

Like a potential Gabonese air tree:
Only Helicopters (and not the best ones)

And for aircraft, in order:
Rank 5 - Fouga CM.170 Magister
Rank 6 - MB-326 Impala
Rank 7 - Mirage F.1A

And that’s it, nothing more can be added.

See? Some nation can’t be added apart subtree.

Hello spanish_avenger

Most like chile and Azerbaijan

However Azerbaijan is bit controversial

But chile is almost fully armed by israel

Philippines is also an option for Israel

Where do you getting those number ? You seem to classify vehicles as non-unique they way you want. Plus I can inflate number of “unique” vehicles by adding gazzilion of different variant of Arma/Tulpar/Pars/Kaplan/ACV etc. Numbers are not always reliable way to measure fitness of the Tree. Turkey has fully-fledged branches where do you suppose to shove those vehicles as Sub-Tree ?

Yeah no. Tree is already large as it is, hell we’ve thinned down the tree in current form, it is 2/3 of what it was.

Also, Israeli-Turkish relations ended with M60T years ago nearly all of the vehicles in the tree has no relations whatsoever much like Turkish-Italian/American relations. Turkish tree in its current form has everything a non-Sub-Tree should have, proper Light Tank Branch, two Main Battle Tank Branch, packed Anti-Air Branch and dedicate Anti-Tank Branch which most tree don’t have right now. So no, Sub-Branch makes no sense at all.


I think it’s necessary. This is because for a tree that is depleted of top-ranked fighters such as Japan and Germany, the environment will improve by including subtrees of countries that are closely related.

No, they’re both China.

If the vehicle is copy-paste, it’s not unique, such as Comet in the FInnish tech tree.
Those vehicles you listed are 5 base combat models.

If it doesn’t start at rank 1, it’s a sub-tree option, especially since it has less unique equipment than China.
Israel even has more unique vehicles than China, and Israel can and should get its rank 1 - 3 tanks and aircraft.

nothing is known about the philippines, there is only one suggestion in the forum

Here comes the classical digression. Topic was uniqueness, those five “base” models is and will be unique whatever is slapped onto it as it is only exists in Turkish tree. My point stands still, everything need is there, there is no deny of “copy-paste” vehicles, even then we’ve specially picked version which has at least slight modification.

Agree to disagree I suppose.

what’s a subtree?

Can we add another option? Something like “Yes but with way less C&P”
All the recent subTrees feel souless and just because Gaijin didn’t want to actually model some more unique variants.
For example:
I would like to keep the Hungarian Leo, Gripen but at the same time I would trade the MiG-21 for the Romanian Lancer, the T-72 for the Hungarian modified T-72 CURRUS.

Makes sense. Azerbaijan would have some interesting ground vehicles (T-72 Aslan upgraded by Israel, T-90S) to offer but next to nothing with air (just regular MiG-29 + Su-25). Chile has a lot more unique things

I was honestly surprised when i found out this country actually supplies others

Where is Ukrainian Tech tree or at least sub tree

I don’t see why this would be an issue, you would still need to research everything in the vehicle’s originating research tree, it’s just that the vehicle tree would be quite empty.

I don’t see an issue with this as this is how it works in real life. Some nations just don’t have that many vehicles. I’m sure the Gabonese would be happy having all their vehicles in one tree though.