Subtrees, yes or no?

Sure, but since Taiwan or ROC or whatever you want to call it uses American jets but it’s in a redfor tree (communist China) look at the flag of China tech tree in game, it is communist flag not ROC one. as such, all postwar American vehicles should me moved to US tree or flat out removed if they are identical totheir American tree counterparts.

You don’t wanna understand do you?

A Gabonese TT wouldn’t be able to be implemented,… Gaijin is not gonna create Trees with a single line of aircraft, which allows you to reach toptier in 4 planes,…

Also it would look miserable, to have access to 161 countries, 90% of which being COPY-PASTE from the big 3 weapon sellors (France Russia USA), and from which 75% of those countries will have a TT starting at rank3/4 and have a single line of aircraft,…

There is no interest,… better to creates skins for existing aircraft in-game, rather than creating several Air TT with no interest.

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You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying either.

You would not use the Gabonese tech tree to research anything, as I’m guessing they don’t have any native vehicles.

There would be a separate research tree where you will need to use vehicles from that tree to grind out everything. This tree can either be grouped by originating country, or the company/factory that made the vehicle.

Then you would just buy the vehicles in their own tech trees, no more researching the same copy and paste vehicle multiple times.

Wait,… you’re talking of a single Big ass tree?

Similar to the ITT project?

You know that such project are killing Gaijin effectiveness to drain your money out of your pockets right?

You proved to me that you have no understanding of the game, and whereabouts.

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No, I’m talking about separating the research and purchase of vehicles into their own separate trees. For example, you would research Leopards in a "German’ or “Rheinmetall” tree, but you could purchase them in any tree that uses Leopards.

I know this would severely effect Gaijin’s profits, so I’m guessing vehicle RP requirements would go up if this was implemented. Would still make more sense than the current setup.

then you’re not even trying to read me,…
that’s even worse,…

Clearly not possible for a free to play game,… snap back to reality dude

that’s your PoV,… but from company makes no sense,…

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Nice the M-60 is coming to the game

that’s your PoV,… but from company makes no sense,…

Nah it’s objectively better

,… as told earlier,… it’s Better FOR YOU,…
Not for company.

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You would think, but it wouldn’t change the total research requirements to reach top tier, as you’d have to go through a whole research line even if it is a small country using exports. Plus you’d need a ton more SL to buy the same vehicle in every nation, thus making premium vehicles more appealing.

It would only be bad for Gaijin if they made it bad for themselves, they could adjust the numbers to make it beneficial to themselves as well.

I don’t see what the issue is, only thing you’d be changing is the structure, the grind is still the same.

Ok,… dude, i’ll stop talking to you,… because you’re obviously trying to turn me around the reality of your idea.

Whatever you need to tell yourself