Subtree Rework - Nation Folders

Since your suggestion is a UI change [allegedly], it can be a toggle option.
For those of us that prefer the integration that is currently here, we keep our UI the same as is.
For those of you that want it different, you get that choice.

I want everything in one menu, or I’ll just not research it [my coastal fleet is crying, and I only research helicopters with helicopters].

You seem to want a different option for yourself.

thread name is subtree rework. He wants to rework how subtrees works not how they are shown


Then it’s even worse than a visual change.

‘That’s just one way to do it’ says those who want to change the suggestion on the fly.

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so you chose to interact here without knowing what is being talked about? did you even read the whole original post?


I read the post in its entirety. It is portrayed as a UI change, where the functionality of research remains identical.
Cause that’s what it’s portrayed as.
If it’s not, it’s worse, cause that means you can’t even research with the rest of the tanks, slowing down research even more than the lack of combined vehicles not reducing RP of vehicles.

Otherwise, it’s a UI change.
Separating coastal and naval without cross-research is a rework, separating them with cross-research is a UI change.

As the proposed change would functionally move the positions of vehicles within the tech tree & thus change the research order / lines, allowing people to potentially skip some vehicles, this is not a mere “UI Change” as you seem insistent on. You have simply interpreted this post incorrectly.




Erm did we have a choice with foldable ranks ?

Did we have a choice with moving from the old rank system to this this ?


Yes, you can choose not to fold the ranks… which I won’t be doing cause I don’t like that feature.
It’s out of the way and hard to click, so I can’t hit it accidentally.

And in the same way this system acts as well.

You can choose to play one nation, or you can choose to play multiple together. You could just play the French tree, full of French tech, or decide you’d like some Belgian vehicles too and play those with them. Or you don’t want either and just want to advance through Dutch aviation line, which you then could.

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Except I want all the vehicles in one menu for ease of access.

Easy access > appealing to a specific crowd.

Well that gonna change sooner or later as the US air tree is already bloated as is.
And people still want a sub for it but with a similar system made by @MAUSWAFFE here would make a Sub tree possible for the US and could tidy somethings up.

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Given the 85% positive vote, you seem to be the specific crowd.

Then just say that instead of creating an unnecessary argument where you jump between random “points” & misunderstandings of the base thing you critique. It’s A-Ok to have a disagreeing opinion, but that doesn’t translate to filling a suggestion with comment “clutter” that you claim to hate so vehemently. There is a poll for a reason


Idk what happened there

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+1 always thought it should be like this in my opinion


I don’t get how this suggestion is bad.

If anything is a Best of both worlds suggestion.

As it gives sub-trees, pusdo-independent-trees. Allowing them to have anywhere for 2-5 lines (and most of them need more than one line). It always allows people to either skip the sub-nation if they don’t want to play or just play the sub-nation.

And besides, whenever a better sub-trees question comes up it’s always something like this for an answer as of right now sub-trees are looking more and more like a bad idea. Used more as filler for the host nation than to represent the sub-nation.


Yea as I said South Africa & other Commonwealth things in Britain is a good place to start with.

As then not only would you have a full line but premiums to go with too.

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This is a good idea. If they do feel like testing this system on one nation first, South Africa could be a great option. There is already a decent variety of vehicles to be moved, and they could add it together with an air tree to show off the possibilities the independent research tree offers.


I mean under this system used be able to have more than one sub-tree as nations like Canada would need at least 2 lines on both air and ground(after removal of the shared stuff)

So it would be:

UK: South Africa, Canada, ANZAC and other major commonwealth nations. (because just lumping the rest of the commonwealth together is its own bad idea)
Sweeden: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland
could get as sub-trees and you could play all of them together or just by themselves over the other nations with them