I mean I’m ok with the new forums, but where are the subforums? Everything looks melted to be honest, will we have at least the subforums as the old forums?

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Things will still be in development, and more Subforums are bound to be added as with the old forum

Welcome to make suggestions!


Alright! thanks.

Then why force us onto this new unfinished forum before everything had been moved over?


We want to adjust this forum in the way, it will be less complicated than the previous one. Many of you complained, that old forum got too many sections and sub sections. Here Majority of the forum is visible straight on 1st page + it works more on tags than section, so it should be very easy follow topics you are interested.


Ive made over/around 150 suggestions, and may of them were pending! and in creation! what happen to those?


Will the user points, Post reaction (Sad/hah/confused) also be added back? as well as emojis?


I think Posts will be back eventually

i sure hope so, and hopefully unchanged. cause i have sacreficed time, sleep and even money creating those suggestions, and if they are all going to waste i will blow up

if nothing will be reverted, i hope this frum will be white. or at least player-defined coulours. and have all the functions we were missing on the ol forum

Everything was better before, and that goes for anything

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Will there be migration of some topics such as Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion?

howdo i continue on my ongoing suggstions?

Ho yeah … And that justify delete all activity, all likes points, all posts, all academies topics, all suggestions with NO annoucement, with NO presentations …


Why, after the disaster of the last economic update, you don’t communicated on that modifications of the forum?

Why you don’t think player will be lost in a new forum architecture without presentation?

Why we don’t have basics fonctionnality (post editing for exemple) ?

That new forum lost the soul of the old forum with no signatures, no updates tags, no activity…

And for the moment, no national sub-section for non-english speakers.


I am sure Staff will continue such traditions all in due time!

Well, Guess we gotta wait

You should have a menu next to reply, you should see three dots “…” and more options are in there

Edited:- just Edited my own post

“Edited” Edited… well, not so much as a menu, but the three dots have basically just shortened the available options, so it does not clutter up the post

It doesn´t work for regular users.

ok, might just be disabled for now… sorry!

Also do you see the image properly? Because they don´t load for me.

Yeah, i’m not a moderator, i must up to confiance lvl 2 before i can do that …

YEAAAAAAH with my newbie 9 years forum experience, i must wait 15 days with other absurds conditions before i can edit an error in my posts …


How do you even see your “level”? This whole thing is a mess…