SU25K Has lower SP than A10 but both 10.0

Why is it that in order to spawn with the SU25K you literally need roughly 500 SP meanwhile i can get 2 kills and still not be able to spawn with my A10, it makes no sense to me at all, the SU25K literally tanks every shot meanwhile my A10 is fragile, this is extremely unfair and is so blatant, everyone spam spawns with SU25K meanwhile you cant eaven spawn in your A10 without 800+ SP

I played the Su25 and you need 700-800 SP for any normal loadout, check if you have any loadout at SU25K at all, as I have a feeling you either dont have any loadout at all or you simply had scouted targets get killed.

Depends on loadouts. A clean su25 will be much cheaper than a loaded up a10

maybe because with su25k you can customize your loadout, you can spawn with only 2x 500kg bombs or the gunpods for extrea cheap sp.

a base A10 with nothing still costs more!

Maybe you are getting SP discount from spotting before attempting to spawn?

sorry what do you mean by spotting?

Spotting using a light tank / SPG / SPAA that has the “Aircraft” module researched will decrease the SP cost of your next plane if the spotted vehicle gets destroyed.

Clean a10 is way better than a clean su25 imo

I reckon its ammo belts. Check what ammo you are using on both, im guessing AP on the A-10 to make use of the gun, in which case it will be much higher