SU17/ 22 under wing drop tanks

The SU 17/22 variants of russian strike aircraft were capable of carrying underwing fuel tanks which allowed them to not sacrifice critical bombloads on under fuselage hard points.
This i feel is a necessary implementation for such aircraft as fuel tanks are so useful especially in air realistic and simulator battles.

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While I am not 100% sure it the reason behind why the Su-17/22’s only got the fuselage tanks but maybe it’s due to the same reason they added them as they have with the F-4’s and Mig-23/27’s since from what I recall it had to due with the fact they wanted to simplify the process of adding them to the aircraft for now and then add the other drop tanks to them later, though that was in response to it about the F-4 in particular but that might be the same reason the Su-17/22 doesn’t have them yet so I wouldn’t too concerned though their is nothing wrong in asking them about it.

Fair point but when it comes to the SU 17/ 22 you basically sacrifice your whole bombloaf for extra fuel so… yeah.
Edit: yk what imma leave that word in there. It sounds funny.

I guess its better than what happened to the F-14A & B, where they were slated for addition with the patch but mysteriously didn’t turn up though they have been mention to be coming sometime soon, though a concrete commitment wasn’t given as to if it was planned to be with the next patch or a minor update before then.

The second underwing EFT’s turn up will fix fuel issues with a large number of aircraft (especially those that have to chose between gunpods, fuel and other ordnance) considering that even a basic implementation is practically C&P, anyway.

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