Su-39: R77,R27,R73

If they added an Su-39 with late missiles and some seriously strong BR appropriate A2G weapons, it would sell.

Or they could just move the current one up, either way makes no real difference.

What Morvran said is possible tho, it’s basically what they did with the Mig-29G. Although compared to the A it does have some differences in the cockpit I guess.

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MiG-29G and MiG-29A 9-12A isn’t the same case, those planes have differences like you said, the Su-39 is a single aircraft.

I agree with, Kingtiez

I highly doubt Gaijin will make the SU-39 Late and comparing it to the MiG-29G isn’t reasonable. The SU-39 is one vehicle and there would be better options to add in the future instead of the SU-39 and a example of this is the SU-34 (basically a SU-27 for CAS)

Maybe, but still gajin specialy clarified that a better su25 will be added in the future

I am honestly curious to see what shenanigans gaijins will pull out of the wood work for a “better” Su-25

Because like… The Su-39 is already a premium so that’s not an option and none of the modernized SM variants are better than either the Su-25T or Su-39 unless gaijin has something specific in mind capabilities wise with them?

I could see them adding an tech tree Su-39 (probably erroneously rebranded as Su-25TM or something) and give it better armaments but even that’s a massive stretch…

Like I think they backed themselves into a corner here because unless there is some super secret variant that we don’t know of yet there is nothing better than the current Su-25T or Su-39 they could add…

The Su-39 was the Su-25TM with better armaments, so that’s probably off the table too. I still believe the Su-25SM/SM3 are better variants they speak of.

Not surprised Su-25SM & Su-25SM3 located after Su-25T but could add to rank VIII ?

I wonder Su-39 (Late) more from Su-38 premium pack ?

You guess Su-34 basic add to strike aircraft in line 4 or bomber in line 5

SM no no,
SM3 might be ok. thermal built in, but cant carry vikhrs etc

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With Chinas JH-7A getting Kh-29’s next update, Russia is really starting to stand out now as one of the few nations at top tier without a strike plane that has a modern targeting pod, and now one of their best AGM’s is about to also be found on a great strike platform that has everything you might need.

For these reasons I feel that either the Mig-29SMT or the Su-39 should receive a thermal targeting pod. To at the very least help Russian CAS keep some even footing

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They should hurry up and add the R-27s, I’ve literally never seen one of these in a match so clearly they’re not selling very well. It’s weird that they’d even give it the Kopyo radar pod if they’re not going to give it SARH missiles to use it.

they dont need it, it is a strike aircraft, it isnt supposed to be used in ARB


Yeah you want longer range missiles you got to use a mig

Maybe… It is probably about time that they get a thermal T-pod (though probs only Gen 1) but at the same time, I dont think every nation needs to be good at everything.

Soviet’s still probably have the strongest overall ground line up and they have some of the best Helis in game. A lack of a decent T-Pod is probably the only significant weakness they have at the moment.

So whilst they probably should get one soonish, I dont think its much of an issue if they dont.

Everything should have it positives and negatives

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that’s stupid, it had them IRL and that’s all that really matters. Should they remove the AIM-9Ls from the A-10 since it’s a strike aircraft? Or from the Tornado? Or remove the GBUs from the F-4E and F-16 since it’s a fighter?

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And the point we were making flew over your head

He has a point, it had them irl, I don’t see the problem. Who cares if it goes up in br.

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To be honest it really wouldn’t make it go up as in GRB you mostly ground attack so it be a waste and ARB you gonna get smoked by stuff that faster anyway
Its not really needed for what you probably gonna do with it