Su-39: R77,R27,R73

For what it’s worth I prefer air-to-air armaments be buffed back to an effective level for 2 reasons;

  1. They’re only really imbalanced outside of a few exceptions because they require the playerbase to understand how to fly defensively, for example, if I am in an F-14 or Mig 29, and I allow a Python 3, Aim 9L, Magic 2, or R-73 to be launched rear aspect on me and didn’t pre-flare or cut burner, I shouldn’t just be able to tap it away like I currently can.

  2. It doesn’t feel like unlocking a “better” missile does anything for you in terms of accomplishment when all of them are tuned to be so weak that a single keybind defeats them in most circumstances, unless I’m flying in a straight line against a rear-aspect shot full burner, which I do see people do.

Flares are currently performing as they probably should, and we don’t even have the hotter flares of the 1990s yet.

I don’t believe that a single flare in rear aspect on a hot F-14B can defeat a Python 3

Stupid high drag, limited all aspect is not modeled correctly (basically a increased buff everything else got against afterburning targets), missile is pure pursuit and does not lead…

I know back in September of last year it got changed in such a way that it could no longer even track appropriately and allowed it to lose lock relatively easily.

It’s the culmination of more than 3 years of nerfs, general changes, and bad modeling.

Python 3 doesn’t have IRCCM, so it should see flares rather easily, especially as flares only get hotter from here.

Unfortunately not yet

Bug reports for both were submitted at the same time, looks like they are starting with SRAAM. Hopefully Red Tops after. Though we can expect both to eventually recieve double their current range, limited all-aspect abilities and far better accuracy



Red top

The Red Top is really badly modelled at the moment.

"Off the top of my head here’s what Gaijin got right about the Red Top:

  • The 3D model
  • The mass is correct
  • The warhead explosive mass / type
  • The post launch gimbal limit
  • The track rate

And what they got wrong:

  • The front aspect lock range
  • The rear / side aspect lock range against afterburner
  • The aerodynamic range (way too much drag)
  • The seeker FoV
  • The seeker pre-launch gimbal limits
  • The maximum overload
  • Maximum flight time"

Not too mention other guidance problems, they were nerfed in the aerodynamic update a while ago and are buggy still

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Agreed to the rest of it

It utilizes a dual infrared seeker head so it shouldn’t just go for single flares the way it currently does, and even so, from a gameplay balance perspective it’s not great to have the strongest weapon of a type in the game be completely ineffective against a single tap on a key.

Also, Python 3 has a no-flare range of 2.4km against F-16s.

Flares are currently performing as they probably should, and we don’t even have the hotter flares of the 1990s yet.

Gotta disagree, just have a look at the DCS R-73E and compare it to the War Thunder R-73E.

Flares resistance in DCS compared to War Thunder is massively different so one must be wrong yeah?

7 months ago, that data isn’t valid.

Currently, IR tracking when flares are involved is not correctly implemented


Based upon the information found on tests involving 9Ls against flares. That 100% should have ignored that flare and hit that Mig-23. The fact that it didn’t does suggest they dont currently have a handle on IR seekers. Throw IRCCM into the mix, and we have a recipe for disaster

(also that flight path is another issue altogether)

Target was on full reheat:


No data mines on the R-73E confirming any changes so I’d expect it to function similarly to what we saw at the very end of Apex Predators (I’d like to be disproven wrong though).

There have been countless changes to R-73s in WT, and we likely have the A not the E.

The R-73E is the export variant and as it’s being used on a Belarusian-Kazakhs SU-25BM, and so that would probably be the variant we’ll be seeing.

There have been countless changes to R-73s in WT

Yeah 99.99% of them being at the very end of Apex Predators.

No, 99% of them being after Apex Predators went live, and before today, with more major changes a day or so ago.


I don’t remember 9L characteristics a month ago, let alone against 23’s flares.


If its on reheat, flares should do bugger all in most cases. Currently whether or not they track (even when no flares involved) can be hit and miss. When you throw flares into the mix. Its a total roll of the dice what they will do.

My main concern with ANY IRCCM missiles, R-73 or 9M is that they could be incorrectly modelled and impossible to evade, no matter what you do

Yeah, I don’t believe we have any aircraft that have advanced spectral flares.

There was actually one, remember when IR missiles got nerfed in terms of their flare resistance shortly after Apex Predators dropped?

R-73 was included in missiles affected, and I believe it was also included in the drag nerfs as well, but that one I’m not concrete on, I would suspect it will also be a 1-tap away missile like all the other current missiles, though if not I would be pleasantly surprised.

Even though flare resistance has been nerfed I’d like to see the IRCCM actually work in-game, I hope Gaijin can implement the missile properly (I highly doubt).