Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

Okay, 1 airplane, so far the US has 5. Maybe we’ll get 5 different ones too.

How does the appearance of the Plane on 12.3 affect the Su-39 on 11.3, which doesn’t get any better from it?

It’s a shame that 12.3 and 11.3 play together, and considering the USSR has no other strike aircraft besides the Su-39 you’ll be taking that to 11.7 at the very least.

I.e. f-16C with medium range missiles, thermal imager, better flight parameters and better short range missiles (aim-9l) are against you

So far you have two R-60m.

Adding more multirole aircraft only makes su-39 worse

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OH NO anyway, russia doesnt need to be the best everywhere, stop complaining

u were always complainign that the SU 39 cant be used because it is sooo slow and is missing thermal etc etc, well the MIG 29 SMT has all that for top tier, and the SU 39 does a well enough job for what it is supposed to do

and i should care why?, you have the alternative to take the Mig 29SMT, and many will just do that, you have the choice

in war thunder it is a striker not a multirolefighter, it does the striker role well

well yeah it is a striker airframe what did you expect, every real multirole fighter is gonna beat it, just be happy you have a possible alternative now

13.0 and go Subsonic aircraft without missiles shouldn’t be up against 4+ fighters

It literally has. 12.3 means you’re playing with 11.3+
11.7 means you’re playing with 10.7+.

I laughed from the picture, but the current P-73 settings are worse than aim-9l in terms of reacting to heat traps. These airplanes without heat traps suffer from any IR missile.

TY-90 is available on 10.0, so literally the P-73s have no effect or problem whatsoever

same rule for air happens at ground as well, in air 11.0 gets sucked up to top tier 12.0, the same thing happens with ground as well, everything 11.0 or future 11.3 gets sucked up into 12.0/12.3, so your air excuse happens the same at ground

well yeah the missle is still bugged what do you expect, but it already does 180° shoulder shoots

Well yes, but to be fair the t-80 BVM is easily the best top tier tank right now thanks to it’s survivability.

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SU39’s loadout seems totally wrong… at least it could carry 4R73 or 4KH29T


or 6 Kr500

I wanted to raise this topic again. A new patch and new planes have been released:
AV-8B Plus with an excellent thermal imager and 8 bombs on 11.7, Super Etendard with a container without a thermal imager and 4 bombs on 10.0. In addition, bad weather has appeared, which actually kills assault aircraft without a thermal imager in a third of the battles (it feels like dense clouds and fog meet with such periodicity).
Hence the question, why would at least one Soviet aircraft not get a thermal imager, especially when it existed and can be added without problems.


Who knows, now is definitely a prime time to add Khod to the game.


Considering the Mig-29SMT didn’t got one, i agree it is time to finally get this pod added.


Developers responded that they were stopped by the paucity of information on this system. However, I disagree and believe that we can easily implement this system within the game (taking into account the simplifications in WT):

  1. picture quality. I could not find any information about the matrix, no matter how hard I tried, but we know that the Agava-2 tank thermal imager was tested in 1992. This means that by that year USSR had already had the technology to produce 1st generation thermal imager.
    I am sure that Khod does not have better quality than Agava-2, hence it is first generation.
    I don’t see any issues for discussion here and it’s obvious for sure.
  2. Angles of view - this information does not play a role in the game, because the hanging containers on Su-25t and Su-39 (only Mercury so far) only give the ability to see in the dark, but have no effect on the angles of view, because Shkval is used for guidance. I checked this on the range - when you use Mercury - the viewing angles remain the same.
  3. Zoom at the sight - also no effect, for the reason from point 2. The aircraft is aiming through the Shkval, and it is synchronized with the thermal imager or night vision device. The zoom in the game is the same when using Mercury and without, because the aiming goes through Shkval.

In addition, sources say that Khod was installed in the same way as Mercury, which indicates the same angles of view (which is not important for the game, as I described above). Hence, the implementation of the thermal imager is extremely simple - it’s just Mercury, but instead of night vision, it’s a 1st generation thermal imager.


gaijin has always had a tendency to just ignore simple solutions that can be come up with just using common sense even if its quite needed with the stupid amounts of fog they put in grb. to them its somehow better to just not add something if they dont know everything about it instead of just adding a placeholder which in this case would indeed just be mercury with a gen 1 thermal stuck into it. id suggest you make a bug report using everything you have here but, still, wouldnt hold your breath for this

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