Su-27SM's Radar is so Shit

The su-27sm’s radar is still the same as the su-27; shouldn’t the su-27sm have an upgraded radar in comparison? From what I find the su-27sm should have the RLPK-27P Myech-M radar (compatible with the R-77) and OEPS-27MK EO sighting system, su-27 have the RLPK-27 Myech radar and OEPS-27 EO sighting system. PLA-AF and PLA-N Flanker Variants
MILAVIA Aircraft - Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Variants List


which radar mode?

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The radar is correct


TWS mode

The states in game is 80km.

You clearly haven’t seen the J-11A yet lmao, that thing has the same radar as the base SU-27.


TWS mode locks well on targets like F-16’s and JAS39’s. In mountains and terrain it tends to lock up too. But at high altitudes it’s very good. The control and adjustments are bugged but overall it still works.

Is it worth grinding, J11/J11A?
Or should I progress down the ROCAF tree for F16?

I’d progress through both, later J-11 variants will come eventually but for now the F-16A MLU is a more enjoyable experience.

This thing just has no refresh rate. Every other plane has different radar modes in azimuth but SU-27. TWS is just a joke. IDK if it is super realistic or not, but it makes this thing unplayble in sim. I am OK with low performance of R-77, if they would give opportunity to react close and quickly. But you stuck with 4 lines search + mediocre speed and 10km hmd. Another patch NATO fights NATO in sim lobbies

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in theory at 1.5 mach the R-77 gains about 20% performance at high altitude.
TWS is really a joke, you have to switch TWS / TWS HDN all the time

i would say, get the j11/a but dont waste SL on them, go down every line, J-8F is α gem, it’s amazing.

The HMS PD is limited to 10km, with little reaction time. And to track targets below the H line, the window is even smaller.

What about F16A Block 20 MLU? Worth grinding?
I really need CAS right now so JH7 is a must get but I am still doing J8B right now, just thinking if it is worth going back for F104A.

F-16A MLU isn’t that worth right now, J-8F and JH-7A are both very worth though so grind those, after you get those you should go back and grind out the taiwan line as it will have very good planes in the future such as the M-2K

I do like a good delta wing like the J7E, but something with a radar like M2K would be so much nicer especially since you get Magic 2.

it won’t come soon though, so i think you should grind out the jh7a ASAP, also you said you were looking for a CAS option, you should try the q5l
using this loadout, it is very good with 2 guided bombs and 2 rocket pods. On average i am able to take out 2-3 people with this loadout

I am grinding for it, I did take out 4 with Q5I so this should be much better. You can’t trade rocket pods for bombs right? Cause otherwise I would have taken bombs since they are easier to kill.

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you can take the guided bombs along with the rocket pods

As in the other ones non guided ones