Su-27SM's Radar is so Shit

ah, i would recommend not taking those, they add too much weight, though they are still fairly good if you want to take them along, especially if you find yourself with lots of SP

Gaijob just doesn’t know how to model radars


They don’t. They just copy a similar radar to show and put some random stats in.


You can file a bug report with how many sources you want but the range is 120 km. They would fix patterns but not range

J-11a should have the N001VE MSA radar.

That is of course, for balancing reasons…

makes no sense. If i see doesn’t mean that i can engage. We don’t have the missiles for that. I needs like 60 km’s of range more, and HPRF modes

Would you rather have more info or less info?

That’s what i am saying i need more modes and more modes for further targets. Idc that i cannot engage at 150 km’s.

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That was my point but I said it in a weird way, GAIJING modify these things based off 0 data, and N001 is better than what it is in game.