SU-27, Cockpit missing panel of datalink

Look at the panel in the right of the cockpit in the first image that displays the position of the aircraft and the position of other aircraft, as well as their classification of being friendly or hostile in the proximity. In War Thunder this is absent and instead the panel displays only a relay of the HUD. War Thunder is giving us half-a$$ed cockpit, with less situational awareness than could be possible. Discuss

have you maybe considered that the DCS SU-33 is a later model that has a MFD added?
And what we have in game is a early model?

here is the DCS Su-27:

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This has nothing to do with cockpits, there is no mechanic or system in place for DL or TSD

also the first pic is of DCS SU-33 not the SU-27

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What does this have to do with the Su-33?

the first picture which he used is from the DCS Su-33 cockpit

No, I am in a SU-27 in that image. The cockpit is custom for english. I will use standard cockpit just for you.

That’s a mislabelled google image that he mistakenly pulled it from, though that still has no relevance to the Su-27’s actual HDD.

There is no “early model” of either the Su-27 or Su-33 without datalink.

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He was referring to your image of this:

Which is of the Su-33

I posted no images of SU-33. Here is the standard cockpit in DCS for SU-27: Look at the icons displayed in panel:

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The first picture is a direct capture from my game.

I’ll have to get back into it then, since it looks much different than I remember it.

Reading the other guy’s comments doesn’t help

I’ve gotta sleep =-=

You claim that

However, what is displayed for the aircraft is, “SU-27”. There is an early F-14A ( as displayed in the attached image ). However, the SU-27 that we have to unlock nowhere says, “Early / Initial, etcetera…”
It is strange to me how that some people want to rush to defend getting a half-a$$ed cockpit / plane, etc.


Fair, alright. o7

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It doesn’t have anything to do with the cockpit, it’s just a not needed thing in-game. Currently there are very few planes that are capable of a TSD, and the ones that are would have a major edge over the 1-2 decade older aircraft they face.

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I do not know about you, but with a shitty RWR, I would like to be able to see who is and is not friendly near me. On F-15 your rwr shows you the type of plane. On 27 you can see if the radar is air defense, fighter, etc… nothing specific to type of plane. Having the tactical position display is very much needed for pilots of 27.

It was added 47 days ago. There are very few other planes that could benefit from it, though if you do see it as needed… Pledge it to the devs. There are quite a few nice things that it would bring to the table, though it is more than likely a down-the-road implementation once modern nations start to grow.

And that’s a great aspect of it. The map in-game on most MFDs is pure shit in the cockpit, and shows little to nothing.

Hopefully the systems that the plane would and should have will be implemented sooner rather than later. This is my 2 cents on that.