Su 25SM3 should probably not be 11.7 given it doesn't even carry a radar to slave r73s to and will generally struggle to get R73 launches

Su 39 works mainly because the radar means you can slave r73s and get launches, so you can defend yourself. This one can’t really do that, and lacks HMD so can’t really defend itself that way either. Bit shit at 11.7.


Gr 7 doesn’t have HMD


But actually has good maneuverability. As much as the harrier would be nice to go down in BR, it can manage. This thing really can’t.

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As the su 25SM3 is an attacker and not a fighter, missile are given to defend itself in case it would be forced to engage air target. Your primary mission is to avoid enemy fighter not to rush into to score air frag.

I wish that one day people will understand that attacker aircraft are not made to perform in Air Battle that would have avoided R60/R60M/ AIM9G and AIM 9L at really low BR. Yes that would have led to a painful grind but it wouln’t have ruined the 9.0 br


Totally agree, I’m sticking to my SU-39 CAS instead

SU-25SM3 doesn’t seem like a worthwhile vehicle at 11.7


Su-39 has more IR missiles at lower BR lmao

@Malekitth @TPS_Hydra @Fluffy_Bucketles are you guys forgetting that gajin is gonna implement seperate ground and air brs?, this is a non issue. You only have to live 1-2 updates with the 11.7 br in air


just be patient everyone, i am sure it will get adjusted to 11.3 once this is implemented. I doubt it will be lower because R-73 are still R-73 and have no business being lower


This would probably help both the SU-25T and SU-39 more than the SU-25SM3 lol, it would also allow the implantation of the R-27 for the SU-39 as well. The Americans should’ve gotten priority for this patch aka the A-10C first then the SU-25SM3 in a future date (June-ish).

just be patient everyone, i am sure it will get adjusted to 11.3 once this is implemented. I doubt it will be lower because R-73 are still R-73 and have no business being lower

Probably 11.0 since we already got the SU-25BM there with R-73s.

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nah the soviets needed something with thermal for a while


u are forgetting that the Su-25BM lacks the IRCCM system, while the SU-25SM3 gets MAWs system as well, that protection makes them 11.3. Those system make them realy strong at lower brs, where radar missles arent a thing yet either /reliable enough


Whilst flying the SU-39 I’ve probably haven’t seen any major impact with the IRCCM system, I only mainly use it against stinger missiles injunction with flares. Personally I’d prefer the SU-25BMs flare count over the SU-25Ts/SU-U39s medium flare count and IRCCM.

AIM-9Ls, AIM-9Ms, R-73s, PL-5Bs, PL-5Es, Magic 1s, Magic 2s and in some occasions the AIM-9E usually ignore the so called IRCCM on the SU-25T/SU-39


believe me when u fly against it, the irccm is very noticeable, often having you fly very close to the enemy until it actualy ignores it. it is more then strong enough

I still wonder is this a bug? Or intended? Killed many su-39s with IR missiles despite the game telling me IRCM jamming


Following this logic, the A10 should be 11.3, as it can engage air targets quite readily without struggle.

All I am saying, is the frogfoot should at least have a chance to defend itself, as most attackers do. This frogfoot does not really have that capability, and doesn’t really belong at this BR.

We need the seperate BRs, because with Kh-38Ms it shouldn’t be below 11.7 in ground RB.

And i wish that one day people will play the vehicle before comenting on it.
Every subsonic aircraft 11.0+ at ARB match is strugling because 70% battles are finished before you have chance to shot at anything.
I spaded su25T and BM and chance for more then 2 ground kills was around 1/10 matches…

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I mean it has the games strongest missiles with the KH-38 that outrange every SPAA so even 12.7 wouldn’t be enough imo. The split between ground and air BR really needs to come for attackers like this because yes in Air RB it is going to be completely useless.


for now BR’s or ground and air aren’t seperate and in ground rb the 11.7 (maybe even 12.0 with the broken dm etc) is justified

Likely this has been echoed and said already but;
Its BR is for its CAS capabilities, not air rb and air to air combat. When separate BRs come we might see it drop down.

I can see this thing dropping down to 11.0 and MAYBE 10.7 the lowest once this gets readjusted, most vehicles around that BR are F-5C warriors and their tiny engines can 1 tap the “overpowered” R-73.

We must punish F-4C players until their extinction