Su-17M4, ◊Su-22M4 Dev thread

The Russian and German Su-17/22M4 are as of right now, still unable to utilise mixed loadouts (TV + Laser). Since this is the Dev server and changes are often passed much quicker, this is the time for enacting these updates to the weapons restrictions as well.


The Su-17M4 and Su-22M4 are also still 11.0 in GRB despite the fact that they have only 2 TV guided AGMs, just like the 10.3 F-4F with 2 Mavericks but unlike the mavericks, the Kh-29T have only 13km of range as compared to the mavericks 23km range (impractical ik but it is allowed).

plz look into this gaijin 😭

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Bro, give then time… some issues take Years until they get fixed

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Fair enuf but my poor su-22…

Tje change to the Arado 234s on the dev server with the added drag chute, this was reported 4 years ago, and got now fixed…

they had a drag chute?
dayum lol
didnt know that.

although tbf on the Su, this is an intentionally placed loadout restriction (1-2 minutes of code editing) with no modelling required

and the PUMA would be like 10 seconds of work to make it Puma, but here we are 2 years later…