Su 17

What is the point of the Su-17, 10.3 and then 11.0, naked plane in constant up tier.
It is VERY important to see letters on air-condition unit on the roof off City building very nice detail, but it IS NOT important to have normal battle rank related to real condition in the game.
Will be nice to see all War thunder workers in boxing ring vs. 120 kg pro-boxer. (I believe that Gaijin workers are also professionals)
Gaijin workers are battle-rank 11.0 and boxer is rank 9.7 ( I decide who is which battle rank)
I would really like to hear Gaijin opinion about how much is fair that fight, when some programmer or his boss need to fight someone stronger.
p.s. buff here buff there bug is everywhere…


It is truly garbage in the game. The BRs of SU-17 are legacy BRs, from a time when the meta was so much more different.

Ideally, it should be like this

SU-17M2 10.3>10.0 (does not even have flares lmao)
SU-22M3 10.7>10.3 (12 flares lmao with no optics to use guided munitions it has making them useless)
SU-17M4 11.0>10.7