Su 17/22 M4 guided bombs

I wanted to know if anyone had any info about possible loadouts for guided bombs on the su17 series of strike aircraft.
As it stands, ive come across this list:

  • kab 500kr
  • kab 500L
  • kab 1500kr
  • kab 1500L
  • BetAB-500ShP

If so these are kinda necessary to be added to the loadouts as the current capavilities of these jets as far as standoff combat is concerned are limited.

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propably it hasnt the loadout so you can use it at 11,0 br, if you add those the br would surely increase and at that point it just has the same stuff as the su 25t and the mig27

but then what about the mig 27 which does have guided bombs?
id take a slightly higher BR for usability in ground RB. right now the lack of more than two TV kh29Ts is the biggest stop to standoff capability in these jets

well the mig 27 is 11,3, so simply the su 17 is to be used for 11,0 matches and the mig 27 for 11,3, there is not much use if you got so many planes with the same job at the same br

well i was actually advocating for the export variant of the su 17, the su 22m4
for example, the 10.0 su25 has KH 29Ls, the 11.3 su25 has targeting pods, KH 20Ts, guided bombs, and vikhrs.
the 11.0 su22 only has kh 29Ts with the default target finder (of the missile itself). it dosetn even get a dedicated sight for it.
so i doubt that giving the poor thing guided munitions accounts for a BR increase. especially since it already has the 29T, laser guided bombs are arguably less potent (as they are shorter ranged) but it may be able to carry more than two of those

@Gunjob if im not mistaken the kab-500kr was carried by the su-22/17s right??
could we request that as in the loadouts?
as already Suggested by another player on the old forums:

Only M4 with TV screen is able and it was already suggested on russian forum.

still want it tho, even if just on the M4

seems were gonna be waiting a while