Does anyone know if there is a real SU-122 and where I can find it?

Few SU-122s survived the war. Currently only one exists and is on display in the Kubinka Tank Museum.[8] - wikipedia…

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Thank you sooo much

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One more question.
Is it legal to own one?
Where can I buy one.

hi there
you serious about that request?

owing a tank no matter ow old is regulated by your homecountry,
in most cases it is just NOPE!, sometimes only with massive demilitarisation
specific :

Im American.
If the gun is plugged it is legal.
If the gun is functional I need a class 3 weapons lisance.

General rule in lIfe:

It is way easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission…

There might be a way if you have a garage below your house - i read years ago about a guy in Germany having stored a Panther tank there for decades. Transfer it during the night. And legal issues should be a minor issue if you see the need for having a tank and the money to buy it :-)

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Better if you buy a btr-80