Sturmtiger needs fixing

The kv85 sustained no damage and started driving and turning his turret. Despite a massive mark on the back of his head shown in the pic.

is1 died though

It’s not about buffing, it’s about fixing the glitches where the shell doesn’t kill the vehicle that was hit.


In reality the panther is dead but in WT the sturmtiger spawn killing is even worst because you can kill 3 verhicles with the rocket hitting the ground nearby. Gajin decide to nerf the sturmtiger quietly preventing people spawnkilling with the sturmtiger.

how do you know this?

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I compare the old clips when people play sturmtiger and having instant kill on enemy verhicles and with your clip show little damage instead. Gajin announce always buff or nerf for verhicles but when it comes to popular verhicles like the sturmtiger nerfing is risky.

I feel like it might just have been a glitch rather than an intentional nerf

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This topic is in a wrong section. And there is a quite fresh topic about sturmtiger where it belongs:

It’s just named inaccurately.

I agree though that it’s bugged. I’ve had countless times where direct-hit vehicle doesn’t get killed, sometimes even damaged, while something splashed gets killed. I had few direct hits on M41 front/turret front splash through and kill a Tiger II with a shrapnel going through M41 from the direct hit location into the cheek of the Tiger II turret.

It doesn’t have to be buffed, but it’s inconsistent and stupid if you can’t kill 2 tanks standing next to each other and even more stupid when the one you direct hit is surviving like here:

There should be a 100% destruction radius like with bombs, even if it’s a small one like 5 to 7 meters, but if vehicle is even partially in this radius, the shockwave through armor/overpressure should kill the crew.


And you do that by making sure its projectiles can actually kill vehicles, giving it its missing round types (HEAT shell), & giving it its missing armor plate

Bug reports. Also i can see the heat shell being inferior at killing, yet still strong. If it had one. Used for bunker busting? There isn’t much benefit other than killing a maus.

Indeed, the shell need a fix. Same filler like a 250kg bomb? So it should be do the same boom like a 250kg bomb.

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But isn’t this just a problem with both HE, bombs and missiles in general?