Sturmmorser is a joke or was it a cheater?

I found out that it’s pretty hard to play sturmmorser considering it’s slow speed and reload and kinda tricky to aim correctly. Also I found that when I aim with scope and try to adjust distance it always will be shooting not exactly where I aim but~50 meters shorter for some reason. Without adjusting distance on scope and aiming by elevating gun to align with distance dash mark, it will shoot precisely where distance dash is pointing (considering that distance is correct).

But the reason for this post is issues that I constantly have with the damage from it’s shell 38 cm R Spgr.4581. It’s just ridiculous that direct shot at a tank can be minimum or even non-existent. Here are screenshots from a game that I recentlly had, and I had more games like this before.


1 shot at KV 220

and guess what, it just painted engine yellow

2 shot same tank

just got 1 track

3 shot at IS 1

just track and gun

I noticed that it happened with same player in both tanks, a bit suspicious. But anyway I had similar situations with other players in other games.

Don’t buy this tank!

By the way is there a way to hide part with images in tray or something to not show it all at once?

u can put things in spoiler clicking on the cog on the far right and then use “Hide Details”


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There is nothing wrong with it, and if you know how to use it, you can easily change an entire battle. As usual, I advise looking up players who are good with it so you can learn from how they use it. Let me give you an example:

Sure there is. It is still missing its HEAT round:


I meant in terms of game performance, I wasn’t referring to its realism. :D

In terms of game performance it is underperforming since it is missing its 50 mm frontal hull plate despite it having the weight of 65 tons:


It’s just for fun and giggles, and not to be taken seriously.
It was “free” from a previous battle pass, and just a novelty or a collectors item.

Just like they arbitrarily removed 20 mm off of the Stug III A & F in the same area (frontal hull)…Is that also supposed to be for fun and giggles?

I totally fail to see what relevance your comment has to this topic.
But I had no idea that the Stug has 20mm less front plate armor now, and I don’t really much care.