Stupid map changes

I’m tiered of these STUPID MAP CHANGES not to mention other things like, match making system with fewer players on 1 side, invisible walls…

this use to be accessible, now under a timer if you try to go there

those 2 areas outlined in blue could be accessible but from 2 recent big patches now under timer or invisible walls

not easy to access but still, for the players like myself that enjoy a slower more relaxed game pace no longer possible

the same crap has before, good accessible sniper locations now under timers

same crap sniper locations that now are under timer , even though these locations where good spots you wouldn’t do much just some casual kills, and still IDIOTS at gaijin changed these maps

really!!! patches constantly out and you cant fix a F…cking BUG?

how about the match making system?! really balanced uh?!

ohh yes I’m back at ranting blocked by countdown timers and invisible walls

this was the recent map change they made, and yes either they put a countdown timer or they insert rocks to stop previously accessible locations



yeah agreed, if a player can get there, they should be able to, if you patch it in a horrid way as is being done then it makes it look worse overall, and quite a few spots require actual skill and risk to get to, there are some I have found but will not share because they will be removed, because “that is not the intended way for you to play and you must play the way it is supposed to be played”, these changes have made me feel a bit claustrophobic because I know that it is not as free as it looks.
To find these spots you need to spend time looking for surfaces at just the right angles and possible jump directions just to get there and even then you might fail, finding and utilizing spots that are not easily accessible is a skill and instead of shunning people for finding neat spots to snipe from you should instead teach players how to think outside the box, so they don’t die like lemmings


What they need to do is make the places you can go look like places you can go, and make the places you can’t go, look like places you can’t go.

The people that hate these sniping locations dislike them because they don’t look like a place you’d expect to see a tank (and realistically, most tanks would get bogged down or flipped getting to some of them). You could keep these places and just make them look like a traversable area. As long as there’s no confusion to the average player that you should expect an enemy to be there, it should be OK. However snail god chooses instead to squirt 100 gallons of lube of hills and put big rocks in the way and call it fixed.

EDIT: I think maps should also have versions at lower tiers which have fewer sniper points and simpler layout so sealclubbers don’t camp newbies into oblivion.


Coming back to the game after a few months and seeing these changes is so demoralizing. I can understand some of the spawn-to-spawn spots being removed, but completely removing any sniping spots and making some maps out right smaller with the changes? Absolutely rubbish. All it has done is increase the bias on some maps with next to no counter play; like maginot or el alamein.

Every game has turned into rush to the best positions in the middle of the map and failing that just keep spawning and dying in the same spots because you can’t flank any more. It honestly feels like playing the Call of Duty 4 shipment map.

It’s making it real hard to enjoy the game tbh.


These pathetic idiots at gaijin have done it AGAIN, the maps now are either removed sniper locations more cckblocked by retarded timers, EVEN scouting now is useless, just take a heavy tank park it in a zone where you don’t get hit in the sides or rear, better yet take the russian tanks and their stalinium armor that even a Fcking load depleted in them they still manage to shoot you back has if the crews where imortal…

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In my time in the military, we got trained on the use and employment of weapon systems, one of those employments was fixed fire lanes. Now when you are using a non-turreted tank destroyer, the best place to employ them is in a fixed fire lane. The trouble is every time I find a decent one, the map gets changed. It seems the desire is to force everyone into head-to-head warfare no matter what type of vehicle you are using. Now that might be fine in Arcade, but it is very unrealistic. It seems Realistic is becoming more like Arcade every day.

Perhaps there needs to be Realistic and Arcade maps.


It’s called reporting the issue and being clear in your statement…

Obviously if the cap is out of the map zone then it’d be a definite reportable issue.

it was IN the bounderies of the map, they put a 25s timer so that you couldn’t access a zone that clearly gives you side advantage shoots with somewhat decent cover to the B cap…

So then find a better spot to snipe from. Obviously they don’t want you to have that lameshot position.

No, they want you to all run like lemmings to your death.

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