Stug III Serie 0 The Beginning of the Legend

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I would like to suggest the Stug III Serie 0 Prototype.
In early 1935, Erich von Manstein proposed the idea of an armored self propelled gun for infantry support.
On 15th June 1936, the Inspektorat IV issued an document for the Heereswaffenamt for them to design the new vehicle. The specifications were as follows:

  1. The main armament of the vehicle must have a caliber of 7.5 cm.
  2. The maximum vertical clearance of the gun must be of at least 30 degrees.
  3. Optimal elevation of the gun must allow it to fire at a range of six kilometers.
  4. The gun must have anti-tank capabilities and be able to penetrate every existing tank at a distance of 500 meters.
  5. It must be fully armored with an open-top superstructure, and not have a turret. Frontal armor has to be impervious to a 2 cm shell at an angle of 60 degrees.
  6. Total height must not exceed that of a standing man.
  7. Other dimensions must take account of those of the biggest existing Panzer chassis.
  8. Other imperatives will be established when new armaments and ammunition have been tested by the crews.

As a result in September 1936, trails were made and on 13th October 1939 five Serie-0 Stug IIIs were ready. They where Pz III Ausf. B hulls with a Kasematte made of softsteel.
But if its softsteel why have it in game? Well while it is just softsteel, in game it would be “Structual Steel of the Chassis” which has an protection modifier of x0,6, which is good. Because the Pz III Ausf. B hull (which is allready in game) is overall allaround just 14,5 mm, while the Kasematte is very similar to the Ausf. As kasematte, with 50mm front armor and the other sides 30mm + 9mm spaced (the angled sideplates are NOT like in game part of it, the actual side armor is flat and has these panels of 9mm over it). This 50mm front will have an protection aquivalent of 30mm and the sides 24-18mm which is overall fitting for the chassis.
Armed is the Serie-0 with the same 7,5 cm StuK 37 L/24 as the other.
It would offer another unique Stug III that can be placed at Br 1.3 with fun playstyle while not beeing too good. It could also be given Track add on armor. Similar to the end photo (i couldnt find the original Photo).





Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 10 mm (87°) Front glacis
10 mm (23°) Lower glacis 14,5 mm 14,5 mm 14,5 mm
Superstructure 50 mm (11°) Front plate 30 mm + 9 mm 30 mm 11 mm

Again, the Casemate is made from Softsteel/Construction Steel. In Game this would also be Concstruction Steel, to be exact logically the “Structural steel of chassis” whith x0,60 armor modifier so a 20mm plate would be as effective as a 12mm RHA plate, there is also the normal structural steel with x0,45 but the “of chassis” is more logical.

Speed: 35kmh
Engine: 265Ps at 2800rpm
Weight: 16,9 tons

The Gun: 7,5 cm StuK 37 L/24 with 44 rounds -10° to +20° and -9° to +5° horizontal
Ammo would be (with ballancing in mind)
K.Gr. Rot. Pz. Apcbc 6,8 kg 385m/s 80g Fp.02 und Np.10 with 52mm/10m
Gr. 38 Hl/b Heat 4,57 kg 450m/s 872,1 g TnT aquivalent 87mm/all
Sprgr. 34 He 5,74 kg 420m/s 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 13mm/all
K.Gr. Rot. Nb. 6,2 kg 423m/s 50g Smokestuff

Munition der 7,5 cm StuK
Sturmartillerie Tome 1 Didier Laugier
Sturmgeschütz & Its Variants, Walter J Spielberger
Panzer Tracts No. 8 Sturmgeschütz Thomas J Lentz and Hilary Doyle
Stug III Assault Gun 1940-1942 Thomas J Lentz and Hilary Doyle
Panzer Tracts No. 3-1 Panzer III Ausf. A to D Thomas J Lentz and Hilary Doyle

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Since we’ll have more folders, I see no reason not to add different/more variants of StuGs. +1 from me



A better idea would be a Stug III with an L/24 that was actually used in combat & featuring more (30 mm bolted or welded on) armor:


I know that its softsteel, i wrote that in the suggestion, the whole reason, it to have a Stug III available at a lower Br than 2.3, a Br an uparmored Stug III will never reach. This armor will still give adequat protection against MG fire and from medium distance (shorter distance only the Kasematte) against HMGs. Other than that it will give good firepower with good mobility, while no as fast as other tanks it will drive similary to the Pz III Ausf. B allready in game.


Never used in combat, 5 units produced. It could be added as a 2.0 premium but to be honest I see no need for this training vehicle to be in game.

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They literally went in there and cut 20 mm off (unhistorical) of the game’s StuG III A and F for no reason so I don’t see the need for an even lesser soft steel non combat vehicle

To have at a lower BR. I know that they gave the A and F unhistoric 30mm hull armor, allready reported that. Community Bug Reporting System