Stug III Ausf. G mit 20 mm Flak 38

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The Stug III Ausf. G mit 2 cm Flak 38 was a Modification ordered by Oberbefehlshaber Schwab. (see top left of photos)

I would like to see the Stug III Ausf. G with 2 cm Flak 38.
It is rather unique, it has the gun on the back (which should be implemented as a ghostgun like .50 cals and controlled by the commander from the inside, an aditional crew member would be an easy crit. Assist without damaging the actual vehicle.)
It has 2 commanders cupolas, the loaders hatch was replaced, with a modified version with 4 plates fixed on hatches, which fall outwards when not in use, which should be implemented as such. The loader should remain in the hull, and the gunshields lowered down, they would act as improved roof armor and would not be in the way of the 20mm Gun.

I could unfortunately find no Documents to that exept 4 Glass negatives (owned by Akira Takiguchi)

The last one looks “Fake” because of added paint on the glass for security purposes ( other side of the picture 1 )

The 2cm Flak 38 would perform the same like in game and would have a Ap-I Hei-T Ap-I Hei-T belt because of ballance and use against planes and

light ground vehicles

Cince the Stug III Ausf. G has only 11 mm of top armor (Should be 17mm tho) it is very Vulnerable to planes.

With this modification you can compare the Stug III Ausf. G (4.0) with the American M10 (4.0) Both are about 40 kmph , have similar gun performance , are vurnerable to planes but have a powerfull secondary armarment against Planes and Light ground vehicles.

Dr. Otto Schwab’s Personal Records shows that he was:

Insp. SS-V.T.(3): 09.11.1939
SS-Führ.H.-Amt Kdo.Amt d. W-SS: 18.12.1940
SS-Führungs-Hauptamt, Amt.V: 21.01.1942
Kommandeur d.SS-Art. Meßschule Glau I: 20.04.1942
Kommandeur d.SS-Art.Schule I und Vertr.d.Chef.d.SS-FHA i.d.Amtsgruppe A: 01.03.1943

He was born in Geiß Nidda, Kreis Oberhessen. He attended Techn.Hochschule Darmstadt from 1908 to 1914 (Dipl.Ex, Dr.Ing.1933).

He was awarded the German Cross in Silver (Kriegsorden des Deutschen Kreuzes in Silber) on 12.11.1944 as Chef des Technischen Amtes der Waffen-SS. Schwab didn’t need to see combat to receive this award - the German Cross in Silver was, “awarded for honorable military service in the execution of the war effort, while the German Cross in Gold was awarded for outstanding achievement in combat.” (Angolia: For Führer and Fatherland - Military Awards of the Third Reich, p.328).

John P. Moore’s “Führerliste der Waffen-SS” shows him still as Kommandeur SS-Art.Schule I in February, 1945.

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I see you Dr. Schwab and raise Alfred Becker
Premium ideas for years! ;)

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Now the question is will they implement it with a ghost gunner or will Franz just be chilling in the back with his Flak 38 waiting to get .50 cal-ed.

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A grand idea for a premium or event!

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It looks like an excellent meme vehichle. Although I really hope the flak gunner would not be replaced if something happened to him. It would be really sad seeing your crew crawling out from the tank one by one just to be machinegunned.

Crazy idea… just make it an upgrade module for the G. Really in some cases we could cut down on the number of alternate versions if we made some modules and it would allow for easier way to add some neat features or modules to vehicles instead of having them be a complete other vehicle . TOGII recently is a good example

Or cince, its a fully closed vehicle, it gets a ghost gunner like the M4 sherman tanks. Unlike open top M18 or M10.
Where depending of the version a person would also need to stand behind it on the engine deck.

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Yes, the flak should have no gunner like 50.cals on american tanks. especially because else aiming with the flak gun would look weird with the soldier model

Ahaha damn I like this. +1

Here another little pic of this boy.

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I had more, but they were taken down duo copy right i suppose.

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