Stug III Ausf. F/8 mit 7,5 cm StuK L/33

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I would like to suggest the Stug III Ausf. F/8 mit 7,5 cm StuK L/33.

What it is, its just an Stug III Ausf. F/8, which is the late Ausf. F with 30mm extra welded on armor as well as refined designe features such as steeper 30mm front/roofplate above the driver. (Other details are also to be found here Stug III 7,5 cm StuK L/41 ). But instead of the L/48 gun, this model appears to be a test bed for the 7,5 cm StuK L/33 which uses the 75 x 495 mm casing, but with an L/33 barrle, the Muzzlevelocity is

610 m/s (estimated by aberdeen proving ground).

Why i would like to see it in game, it gives a new model of Stug III, the F/8 (Which of course should also come in its standart variant), but also brings an intermeadat gun variant pretty much identical in performance to the 7,5 cm M1897A4 canon from the M3 GMC Halftrack and shows the development from an Infantry support vehicle to an Anti tank vehicle with an unique gun.

History behind it is pretty much none existing, the reasoning is simple behind it, allready in france against the tanks, the most powerfull yet relativly powerless tank gun was the L/24, but the crews wanted more, and with the appearance of the More powerfull T 34 and Kw tanks stronger guns were needed, the L/33 and the L/41 at the time where the rule of barrle ending with the vehicle front was still in rule, which was quickly abandond and room for the L/43 and L/48 was made.

Some stats:

Speed forward / back

AB 44 / 9 km/h

RB and SB 41 / 8 km/h

Number of gears 6 forward 1 back

Weight 24.3 t

Engine power

AB 572 hp

RB and SB 300 hp


Hull and superstructure 50+30mm (welded on) Gun mantlet 80mm (one peace).

Sides 30mm

and back 50mm (because the F/8 was now based on the J-N hull type with the new back armor).

Gun the 7,5 cm StuK L/33 (Ammo same as KwK 40 but with an L/33 barrle)

Elevation: -10° to +20°

Traverse: 24°

44 rounds

K.Gr. Rot Pz. Apcbc 6,78 kg 80g Fp.02 und Np.10 (102,4g) 610m/s with a wopping 100mm at 10m penetration.

Sprgr. 34 He 5,74kg 686 g TnT 550m/s 10mm all distances

Sprgr 34 He 5,74kg 550m/s 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 13mm over all

K.Gr. Rot Nb. Smoke 6,2 kg 540 m/s 50g smoke stuff, its smoke dont expect much against armor.

Gr. 38 HL/B Heat 4,57 kg 450 m/s 872,1 g tnt aquivalent 80mm/0°

Gr. 38 HL/C Heat 4,8 kg 450 m/s 875,5 g tnt aquivalent 100mm/0°

There was aparently also an 2,7 kg Pzgr 40 with 875m/s and same core as the other 7,5 cm results in 143mm/10m

The gun can be switched up with the StuH 42 F, but it is confirmed by the Aberdeen Proving ground and comparing it to a real StuH 42, one can see that the 105 has a longer barrle and the frontal ring around the barrle is a good tat bigger on the L/33 than on the 105mm.

Source (primary): Tank Data July 1958 U.S. Army U.S. Army Ordanance School Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland, advice and assistance of Mr. G.B. Jarrett Chief

Die deutschen Panzer 1926-1945 Ferdinand Maria Senger und Etterlin Walter J. Spielberger 1968

The History of the Panzerwaffe Volume 2 1942-1945 Thomas Anderson

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