Stug III 7,5 cm StuK L/41

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I would like to suggest the Stug III 7,5 cm StuK L/41.

What is it?

Its a Stug III test bed on an Pz III Ausf. F hull that was upgraded to Stug III level (Its visible that its a Ausf. F hull by the Sproket and Idler, not moved forward front return roller and Tow hooks that are not part of the sidewall.) in 1940/1941.

And it was a testbed for improving the Stug III and mounting a higher velocity gun on it, other than the L/24 to be implemented in the Stug III Ausf. F.

The overall improvements are the armarment in form of the 7,5 cm StuK L/41 (same gun as found on the Pz.Sfl.II 7,5 cm K. L/41 auf Zgkw. 5t (HKP902) ) but with a different mounting hence not K. but StuK. (Kanone → Sturmkanone) a fake drivervision port (but they removed that pretty quick, i wonder why (visible on some of the pictures and visible in game on the Dicker Max)). The Sponsen were enlarged and more integrated into the casemate and roof, the mounting was reworked for the bigger gun, the 30mm Angled plates above the vertical 50mm plates (above driver and where the Mg gunner would sit on the Pz III) were made more steeper to improve the internal volume and get rid of the previous shot trap that was present from the time the Stug III still had an periscope through the front plate and not roof. (The plate was just mounted higher and steeper, the vertical plate are unchanged behind it just under the roof, just like in game allready present on the Stug III) Folding antenna at the back behind the sponsen. Overall the casemate was made more roomier, simper, symetrical (better weight ballance) and more protective.

But now you ask, “But the L/41 wasnt used and the Stug III Ausf. F in game doesnt have the improvements?”

Yes, you are right, the Stug III Ausf. F as visible in game is an “Early”/“Standart” one, which in 1942 where a quick requirement of mostly just changing the existing StuG III Ausf. E designe to instead have the 7,5 cm StuK 40 L/43 gun, but the main changes were only later implemented in the Ausf. F/8 and more in the Ausf. G such as the steeper front plate and as obviously the L/41 was rejected in favour of the L/43.

And i would like to see it in game, as it would give a mobile and reasonably powerfull gun at the lower Brs to be both overall effective and usable against stronger enemys as well as uptiers. Furthermore it shows the development of the Stug III from infantry support to AT as well as to its final form.

The overall history, is as above mentioned, in the requirement after france and to the start of the russian campaign, to have a viable moble armored AT gun against heavy tanks similar to the French and later russian T 34 and Kw tanks. Build in 1940 on an Pz III Ausf. F (5./Z.W.) Made for tests of new designe elements and possibl late for training in Jüterbog.

The Performance is the same as the Pz III Ausf. F but with 21 ton weight and 50mm frontal armor and obviously being a Stug III.

Game Mode Max Speed (km/h) Weight (tons) Engine power (horsepower)
Forward Reverse Stock Upgraded
Arcade 79 14 21 465 572
Realistic 71 12 265 300

Armor is identical to the Stug III Ausf. F

Hull and casemate front 50mm, side 30mm and back hull 20mm and casemate 30mm

50mm Front, 30mm sides and 20mm back.

The Gun is the 7,5 cm StuK L/41 fireing the K.Gr. Rot Pz., Sprgr 34, K.Gr. Rot Nb. and possibly Gr. 38 HL/B and /C

Elevation: -10° +20°

Traverse: 24°

K.Gr. Rot Pz. Apcbc 6,78 kg 685m/s 80g (102,4g) Fp.02 and Np.10 with a wopping penetration at 10m of 118mm

Sprgr 34 He 5,74kg 485m/s 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 13mm over all

K.Gr. Rot Nb. Smoke 6,2 kg 485 m/s 50g smoke stuff, its smoke dont expect much against armor.

Gr. 38 HL/B Heat 4,57 kg 450 m/s 872,1 g tnt aquivalent 87mm/0°

Gr. 38 HL/C Heat 4,8 kg 450 m/s 875,5 g tnt aquivalent 115mm/0°

Pictures: (Click here to show)




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Good spg for 2.7 br.