Stryker is braindead OP and has no hitbox and does not spall most of the time

deliberatly made absolute OP and put in constant downtiers because gaijin wants to sell all those 60euro packs

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My 2.7br 40mm sap has a different opinion.

All jokes aside the m1128 is not OP and they usually die pretty quickly when i see them.

Sure its got m900 and a crewless turret, but aside from its gun it doesnt really offer anything exceptional.

Like the radpanzer 90, good armor for a light tank and the highest power to weight ratio of any wheeled TD alloeing it to rocket around the battle.

Every vehicle has specific things they do better.

Dont know how its “brain dead op”. Yeah it has good optics and high pen but its reload is pretty bad, its giant, it cant carry very much ammo, its elevation and depression are pretty bad and it dies to anything that sees it. If you’re having trouble killing it idk what to tell you, maybe go check where the crew amd ammo are