STRV 2000 Should be added

I think they should add the STRV 2000 ing because we have proof of armament and the rest of specs kinda. It would make a great addition to the Swedish tech tree/premium/event vehicle. Seeing how Gajin added the obj 292 with its 152mm cannon there should not be any reason why not to add a tank with a 140mm cannon and a 40mm bofors next to it. The strv 2000 will be a light tank and wont have any armour and compared to the obj 292 i do think that these two would be equal. However i do know it is a prototype/wooden mockup vehicle and i have not researched this topic enough to know anything more specific about it. I recently grinded the whole swedish tech tree and i think it would be a nice addition to top tier next to the CV90120.

It would be great to hear your guys thoughts on this matter.

Thank you for reading this! Kind regards, Ekan



make a suggestion in that section instead. make sure to follow the guidelines.,

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Thank you a bit new to this :D


Wasnt it just a wooden mock-up or something around that


The gun was half build, but it was a mockup. Still would be cool, but hard to add in good faith by gaijin

the bare minimum for vehicles to be added are unfinished prototypes, so yea

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Yeah no, this thing has like ~800mm of frontal armor, its bonkers. (1400mm vs chem)

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Tbh Gaijn should loosen the rules on that.

Stuff like this, or even fully paper tanks should be put ingame (Within reason, or course, and their stats would need modification/tuning and such)

Strv 2k is awesome though, but may be unironically too powerful for WT at the moment. (~800mm of frontal armor, ~800mm pen apfsds, autoloaded, and a 40mm coax)


Your funny. Gaijin doesn’t care unless it gives them profit or its some over powered Russian biased bs. Like seriously look at all the 10.0 lineups in each nation then compare it to Russia.

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Loosening the rules could make for some really cool additions, but you’d always run into the problem that some things would be straight up fictional.
Hard to say, honestly. Though the more plausible proposals like the Pz III/IV would definitely be nice to see.

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I would also like to see the Kranvagn, gives sweden a heavy tank for once.

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Kranvagn would be REALLY cool! I know the hull for it is sitting on a museum right now, so it’s nowhere as far fetched as some would think. Certainly one of the more unique looking tanks if it was added.

They also had a series of prototypes testing features for it and the Strv 103s, which would make cool additions.

In the same note:

You might recognize this as the VK 36.01H (which it is, not pulling a fast one here haha) which was only scrapped because the squeeze-bore gun it would get never went anywhere. Couldn’t fit the 88, and the 75 L/70 it could fit was going on the Panther anyway. So they just forgot about this and the VK 30.01s and went into the 45.01s (the two Tiger 1 proposals).
Hull existed, turret also existed but unfinished.

I imagine there’s a LOT of vehicles like it in all nations in the game that were missing just one or two components, or simply weren’t useful enough to justify the expense. Would bring quite a lot of variety while not being unrealistic, as they very easily could have existed if not for X or Y reasons.

Did not know it had 800mm frontal armour seeing how it is very similar to the cv90120 but the meta atm is speed and shooting the cannon of a tank so you can flank around it and 800 mm is not to much leopard 2 and more tanks have about the same amour but i guess you think of the hull and not turret which yes i would say is quite alot but if the drivers hatch and lower plate is a weak spot it should be quite fair seeing how a bunch of russian tanks have the same weakspots for less pen apfsds.

However this depends on what model of Strv 2000 but the T140/40 is the ideal one and the one i am writing about but it dose not have a 140mm and it has a 120mm instead with the 40mm

In conclusion it would be quite fair and there are wooden mockup tanks that are in the game for example Ho-Ri which was only a wooden mockup. So to be fair this thing should make it into the game.

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This is literally a vehicle made out of wood…
Do you not see that it doesn’t even have actual wheels?

1400mm of paper and clay was used to make the figure seen in the photos, yes. But I believe that would have a 0.001x KE modifier.

Yeah? The Japanese ones that I mentioned and explained? And the German ones that were deleted for being such…?


Then you write cope comments regarding the nation I “main” (as if China is the only nation I play), as if it even matters? I don’t care if you play Sweden. I’m just saying the obvious - that you’re utterly delusional when you make this “suggestion” for a vehicle that doesn’t exist.


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Thank you for the concession.

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Well in case of Obj 292 the autoloader was half finished - on the firing trials crew only had to place the shells as the mechanism would push it into the barrel itself. So Gaijin only finished the autoloader.
In case of this you’re literally finishing the whole tank minus the weaponry.

These are not comparable.
Nor is Ho-Ni is comparable to STRV-2K, Japan is lacking in vehicles while Sweden has so many top tier vehicles that are best in the game.

Nor is Japan TT to how good Sweden TT is.

This is not a “should be added”, but “I wish to be added”.


There needs to be a clear distinction between [wooden mockup but realistic] and [wooden mockup wunderwaffe]
(although the Ho-Ri production does fit the latter category with its engine hp and armor)