Strv 122B+ Armor Issue

Why is the additional NERA labeled as RHA? The normal add on armor is labeled correctly, however the additional armor on the lower plate is either mislabeled or mis-modeled.


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This tank and leo A7 kill all tanks easy and never die, even with broadside shots.

That is not relevant to this thread


Been wondering the same thing. It has to be a deliberate choice because nobody with half a brain would assume that the extended composite is actually a separate piece of flimsy metal, presumably put there just to look cool or something lol.

I agree, it is a very monkeys paw method of adding modern vehicles. Adding an Strv.122+ and not modeling its improved LFP, or the M1A2 SEP/v2 without its improved armor, the same goes for the 2A7 and its UFP or the Chally 3 and its bugged turret cheeks.