Strv 122 Upgraded to Strv 123A with L55 Armament (2026) Can you focus on lowtier a bit now


On behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has signed a contract with the German manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) worth approximately 3.5 billion Swedish kronor for the modernization of the tank fleet.
Tanks will continue to be the backbone of the army’s brigades for a long time to come, a conclusion drawn from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The current order extends the lifespan of the tanks at least until the 2030s," says Jonas Lotsne, head of FMV’s army equipment division.
The upgrade includes the replacement of virtually all electronic components in the tank to align the system with other modern Leopard 2 tanks. It also features a new caliber L55 gun with enhanced programmable ammunition capabilities, new night vision devices for both the gunner and tank commander, a night vision camera for the driver, and a new suspension system, including tracks.

Deliveries of the Stridsvagn 123A to the Swedish Armed Forces will commence in 2026.

Were getting the L55 Boys, now slap it onto our fine Strv 122B add more features and voilá We have made salty german mains, i meant we have made the Strv 123A

This was intended as a News letter with some humour Please stop focusing on top tier for a bit There are still major gaps and problems with using Copy-paste vehicles to “Solve” Br gaps instead of just putting in the effort to give the nation their own domesticaly produced option


Sweden is too strong right now. Far too much focus has been given to MBTs of all nations. This year needs to see development of support vehicles be it IFVs or SHORAD.


Id suggest that Gaijin return to Rank 2-4 and fix SPAA gaps and maybe replace copy-paste stuff with domestic designs This would in my opinion make it less frustrating than to Fight Russia in russian vehicles (cough, cough, Finland) And maybe they could even Add much more vehicles to the mid tiers! Though this is a slim chance due to how Top tier focused they are as of now…

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme my Lvkv 43 and Terrängbil M/42 before next year…


Please no.

The obsession of the player base on having the newest, biggest and shiniest toy has led the game into an absolute cesspool of a balance mess.

The game needs substantially more vehicles added to the other tiers as well, and wayyy more SPAA’s to cover the sometimes 3 WHOLE BR GAPS some nations have with their SPAA.


May i point you to the comment i made:

Im edditing the post so that im sending my indended message. I had to make that post in a rush due to writing between my breaks.

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Dude, this modification doesn’t even exist yet, and you’re already making a theme, lmao

At the moment, Sweden has nothing more to add in the form of main battle tanks of the highest rank, and similar equipment from Denmark, Norway and so on will not be added, due to the fact that they are not included in the main development branch and have no relation to Sweden (I mean Leopard 2)

Now i dont them to focus on adding more top tier next patch, even though they will because money. But sweden was comfirmed to be a TT for the scandinavian Nations, The Leopard 2A1 “Slem” From norway is evidense of this. Now can we please return to mid tier where the game is actually still kinda fun and focus on that by Fixing SPAA gaps and Replacing Pure Copy-paste with Domestic designs If not from Sweden and finland then Possibly norway or denmark.

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No one will ask you (This is not an insult, just in case), they will do it as long as it makes sense

Recognized by whom? The words and statements of the developers are absolutely worthless. The attitude towards Sweden is biased if you look at the situation in the direction of adding equipment

This is premium, the company can add a lot of things (For example, the Hungarian Tiger, which Hungary did not officially have), but there is no point in this if the user does not buy this equipment or support the developers with real money

Some nations this isn’t a choice, Sweden specific, is technically not. As you have these un-added vehicles that could or could not be copy paste, to fill in holes in Sweden specifically.

Personal favorite’s of mine being the the PzH2k, and AMX-13, as well as the Panther A.

AMX-13 to fill an odd light tank gap.

Panther A to fill 5.7 gap.

PzH2k for the funny.

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Where did you get this, it looks good i want it on my wall now hehe

ah SPHF too bad they arent selling anything right now… Soon tho

Idk, found it while searching for a full list of Swedish armor in history.

Another addition would be the Pbil M/31F

Edit: Yes, it is, I believe it is in their building.

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Got no problems with the Strv123A, sweden is getting a 2A7V when germany is getting a 2a8 lol, bad decision lol.
As is stands there is no Strv123A in existence or demonstrator those it will not be implemented into war thunder, else it is a paper vehicle.
So gotta wait until 2026 until sweden gets it

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well this aswell as 2A8IT and 2A7HU

eh 2a7hu at least already exists, can be added in 1-2 updates

Exactly. I want more IFVs and SPAA now.
And why did they add the r*ssian TOR to the Chinese tech tree?

China has plenty of domestic SPAA (literally a dozen) for rank VII-VIII. Remove the TOR and add more SPAA.


Fk-2000 lookin real fun right now

16000 RPM combined, 8000 RPM per gun.

Firing APFSDS.

Please Gaijin. I don’t care about the MBTs.


I just want the canister shells for those guns so i can crash my friend’s pc with projectile spam

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