Strv 121B Christian II vs CV 90105

Which of these two tanks is better and why? CV 90105 vs Strv 121B Christian II.

Strv 121B Christian II

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Strv 121B Cristão II

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CV 90105

Depends on what your playstyle is. More aggressive gameplay id recommend Christian II and for flanking and general annoyance id take the CV 90105


One isn’t in game with lacking details wether it will be 10.3 with DM23 like the other Leo2A4, or if its gets something like DM33 that would put it at 10.7.

And the other is CV90105 that is rather nice.

Personally, I would wait until we see the 121B’s stats and BR first. It’s likely it will be a 10.3 equivalent to the German premium Leopard 2, but it’s best to wait for the dev server at least first. That being said, the CV90105 is still a very good vehicle if you would like to get it and not have to wait.