Strv 104 commander fire control

On the swedish tank Strv 104 in x-ray it says The commander can fire main gun but when i go into commander view there is no option for commander fire control or it does not fire. Am i thinking the right away anyone know?

Isnt that the system where your commander can fire while your gunner is dead? Or am i thinking of something else?

Yes, but should be able to fire from commsnder view as i think just like centurion

If that is what it is, your commander can only fire right after your gunner is taken out. There is lile a 1.5 sec delay too. Often, both commander and gunner are taken out which doesnt help. It will be from the gunner view too. Not commander view

I think there is a key bind for commander fire control but i havent looked into it. Check if there is a control for that

Yes there is a key bind fur it. When in hanger go x-ray view and mouse over your commsnder. Mid tier onwards on many commanders it will say “can fire main armament” the Ikv 91 can do it, my british centurion can do it, funny thing Strv 103a says it but can not fire. Might be if tank has FCS fire control system