Stridsbåt 90H Assault Craft (SSG120) - Modern Monitor

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Stridsbåt 90H with SSG120 (AMOS) Mortar


Coastal vessel, fast and manoeuvrable patrol boat with a massive twin cannon, but negligible survivability.

In the late 1980s, the Dockstavarvet shipyard won a Swedish naval contract to produce a new assault craft, this would be known as the CB90 (Combat Boat 90). The first prototype was delivered in 1989, and the Swedish Navy ordered 120 boats, designated the Stridsbåt 90 H (Combat Boat 90 H). The ship could carry half a platoon of frogmen, was extremely agile and quite fast, thanks to its shallow draft and water jets, and could be armed with a variety of weapon systems, from M2 Brownings to Hellfire missiles. The boat has been highly successful, with more than 250 ships made for a variety of nations.

Later, in the late 1990s, a joint Finno-Swedish venture began development of a modern mortar system, called the AMOS (Advanced MOrtar System), it was a twin barrelled automatic mortar capable of direct fire. It has been installed in a variety of vehicles, including the Patria AMV and CV90. Sweden initially planned to install the system (locally known as the “SplitterSkyddad Granatkastare 120”, or SSG120) on their Strb 90 Hs, and prototypes were produced in the early 2000s, but tests showed that the boat was too small for the system and it would have to installed at the expense of stability and any sort of ballistic protection, so the plans were cancelled. Instead, a new ship was to be developed, the Stridsbåt 2010, which was larger and designed from the ground up to fit the weapon system. Work began in 2006, and designs were just about finished when budgetary changes from the Swedish government led to its cancellation in 2008. In 2017, the CB90H “MK II” was showcased at MADEX, with a model featuring the AMOS system, showing that the concept still has its supporters.


1x2 120mm SSG120 mortar

Displacement: (CB90 + AMOS weight)
~21.6 tons standard
~24.1 tons full

Length: 15.9m

Beam: 3.8 m

Draft: 0.9m

Propulsion: 2 Scania DSI14 V8 engines, 1250hp, driving 2 KaMeWa FF water jets

Speed: ~40 knots (74 km/h)

Range: 240 nmi (20 knots)

Crew: 6

Navigation radar



Videos: (bruh the video of the prototypes was taken down)



Probably the most viable CB 90 variant and would be a really unique vessel in-game. Still hoping we could get line with with cannon and missile variants too


This would be CRAZY! +1 when we get Sweden!

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