Strf 9040C 40mm ammo


There is 0 reason to reduce ammo on CV9040C…how about you give the CV9040s their IRST finally, like they suppose to have?


Strf 9040C has ready 120 rounds, Versions A & B 234 rounds, so seems legit
just read here for example, other pages in Inet state nearly the same

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As far as I’m aware they didn’t have IRST, rather a gyroscopic lead prediction indicator


Okay…insteresting decision on side of development

And the Lvkv9040C have what in gunner sight…the same gunner sight as on all CV9040s

LVKV 9040C is a technology demonstrator which also has a radar. The IRST tracking was an add-on module available for the sight that was not selected for regular production vehicles as far as I’m aware

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Almost no russian tanks have thermals IRL, they are add on modules or repurposed from destroyed newer tanks and then retrofitted (very rarely) to older tanks. Yet every tank in the line in game has them. Even though it isn’t the norm, but more jerry rigged in some cases. So for russian vehicles in game, if it appears on one single vehicle in any form all tanks in that line are fitted with it.

This should be the standard for every nation, or no nations. Right now it is only favoring russia, while other nations are held to a higher standard.

See the problem?

Also by gaijin logic, all of the 9040s in game should have ATGMs but it doesn’t:


It has ATGMs tho…

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They should “all” have ATGMs because one has it. Just like how they over saturated the T-80s and T-72s with thermals even though they weren’t really equipped IRL with them.

We established that you lied about your job a while ago & are now pushing more nonsense.

This discussion keep coming up time from time, just leave it be, focus on getting the correct shells instead and wait for the CV90 mk.IV, it will have everything you whant.
The only thing the currently cv90s need are a working kulsprg (VT-shell or whatever it is called ingame for AA) and the newer one e(95LK)


Yeah, the programeble fuze shells that can act like SPAHE and when it explode, air is will with like 2500 shrapnels including 1100 tungsten steel balls.

so what is going to be done for compensation, reducing ammo cap by nearly half should warrant some changes?
in GFAB this thing is two steps above the B version, while the C gets “better” armour and a stronger APFSDS which will only bankrupt you due to its cost and the high RoF on the 40mm.

and keep in mind that it sit at the same BR as the 2S38 which is better in every single way, or the 2S25M which is lower in GFAB or equal in GFRB, go figure. Gaijin at it’s finest.

either lower it and or make the 170 mm pen APFSDS the stock round, recently played the various versions of the CV90, did anyone notice a drop in effectiveness of the Prox/VT round?

I agree there is much to be done with the current state of CV’s in game, they should most definitely be dropped one or two BR (0.3-0.7) and they should all receive the m/01 slpprj shell atleast as an upgrade since they all use it along with the correct kulsprg (95LK).

I have noticed a continuous degrade in the kulsprg (Proxy/HE-VT) currently in the game, they become worse and worse for some reason. It is purely impossible to shoot down an incoming missile which it should be able to and aircrafts of any sort are harder to shoot down for some odd reason along with aiming, i can pull off half a magazine within a cap against a moving aircraft dead center in the reticle with the lvkv and still not score a hit.


You should start an suggestion that all CV’s should get the m/01 slpprj and kulsprg. Like if they lower the rack for historical reasons then they should add the historical ammunitions right?


Its like Gaijin are mad that Ukraine was given CV90’s. And if they want to be correct they shouldnt make it take 3 seconds to replenish the magazine with 1 round.

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Incorrect. Many modern russian mbt designs have thermals. T-80U(M) is one of the early russian tanks to receive thermals. And the model of the T-80U changes to the T-80U(M) when you equip the thermal imager in game to look like this:

Again grossly overexaggerated. Over half of the T-72 tanks in the non prem TT don’t have thermals.

The only soviet tank that can be debated over whether it should get thermals or not is the T-80B as only 1 or 2 prototypes without ERA had it and you can equip ERA and thermals in game making a frankenstein tank.

question is in what forum topic should i make the suggestion? Ground vehicles or gameplay?