Strf 9040C 40mm ammo

There are so many rounds overperforming or heavily underperforming i have lost count.

There are alot of performance issues ingame with many rounds, if they were to nerf the m/01 they would have to implement changes to other rounds and functions to the general cv 90 since there are so much wrongs ingame about it

Oh god is this where you went after the CTA discussion XD

well yes, the issue is often trying to find accurate enough information that is also a trustworthy source at the same time.

Of the ones we have in game right now, only the Lvkv 9040C is compatable with the more modern KULSPGR rounds. The PFP-system which programs them are only available for the Lvkv 90 series (Lvkv 9040A, Lvkv 9040C, Lvkv 9040 TD Lvkv 90 TD 2, Lvkv 9040D) and the recent RENO variants of the Strf 90 family, which is when the “regular” ones got it (Strf 9040D1, Strf 9040D2, Stripbv 90D, Epbv 90D)

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Yes, this is true!

I don’t think that is true.
according to the AMKAT 2014 the KULSGR 95 LK (the more modern pfp round) is listed under the category of “Akan m/70B (strf 90)” together with the “SLPPRJ 90” and the “SLPPRJ 01 LK”.

they even have a separate inventory number for KULSGR 95 LK that has been brought on missions and then controlled before put back in storage. as far as i know the LVKV hasen’t been sent on any missions.

i might be wrong but it very much looks like the strf 9040C can use the newer pfp-rounds (and then also the CV9040B as the only difference is the armor/mine protection)

According to one of the lead developers of the CV90 on his website, the PFP system does not exist in the A, B or C
“The FCS is prepared for the PFP system” when writing about the FCS of the Strf 90s on his website (Strf 9040). This was writen when only the A, B and C existed, before the RENO project where the upgraded variants were installed with the PFP system.

And about the mention in AMKAT, the whole purpose of the C variants (Strf 9040C, Lvkv 9040C, Bgbv 90C) is to be used in international peacekeeping missions, as the extra armour and spall liner would greatly help against ambushes with RPGs, HMGs etc. Since they made a C variant of the Lvkv 90, they probably expected that they would also be sent on a mission sometime in their lifespan, and added that note in the AMKAT.