Strf 9040b br

How is the STRF 9040B at 9.7 meanwhile the 2s38 is at 10.0
The only reasons I can think for this are the fact that the 2s38 is both russian and premium enticing people to spend money. I’m curious to see what the community think about this but the strf just feels too weak at 9.7 especial considering its always uptiered to 10.3
I attempt to flank in matches but lots of maps wont allow it and you end up face to face with tanks you have no chance of penetrating.

I do well in it. Just play defencively or ambush enemies that are pushing you. Break tracks or anything to annoy and disrupt. Then use your reverse speed to retreat and reposition. I get a good 5-7 kills doing this

We already know how destructive it was at 8.7 since it started there. Its fine at its br. Maybe 9.0 then id find it ideale

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2S38 stats are way lower because some people don’t know how to play it.

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I get that but it shouldnt be based on stats. Sure the stats are shit but thats because its a premium. If you actually compare the 2 vehicles, 2s38 gets a tracking radar with good range and much higher pen for only 0.3 dif.

I know youre right and on some maps im able to do it. However I still lack the engine upgrades which make it quite sluggish and if youre unlucky and someone comes at you head on youre in big trouble. I do believe something like 9.3 would be better but also that would mean facing 8.3 which feels unfair. Honestly the main thing it needs is not to be uptiered to 10.3 or 10.7 most games

I see 2S38s all the time at top tier and they are just as effective. They would not struggle at 10.7 and would probably be fine at 11.0.

But they make Gaijin lots of money, so 10.0 it is for now

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Yeah, they have chosen to not increase it’s BR two times in a row now despite it being by far the most discussed vehicle.

In the last BR change thread they literally pulled the “muh statistics” card (as if that would invalidate our concerns)

Now, I dont doubt that many many russian main buys it and then does really badly in it. In fact Soviets are the only TT you can buy a very good, complete line-up for. So probably more than a few kill its stats. But anyway. Regardless of that. Its pretty clear it has strengths way above what most nations have (at least those actually have high tier IFVs)

Getting one shotted by one in the Challenger 2 is just a frustrating thing to deal wiht, especially after its just tanked a shell

I recently saw a guy show how useless stats are as a basis for BRs. He compared the same tanks in different TTs and the stats varied massively. But Gaijin dont care because moneeeeeeey

Yeah… and plenty of examples of identical vehicles being different BRs on different TTs.

Mig-23ML is 11.0 in SB vs the Mig-23MLA at 11.3 in SB

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Because top tier BR is compressed. Once 12.7 has been introduced the STRF 9040B can be moved to 10.0 and the 2S38 can be moved to 10.7

why do you wanna uptier the strf bro its already struggling at 9.7

A good Decompression, even with a BR increase, would only help.

Whilst yes, it may move up. So would most other things at its BR, in the end, it would probably end up fighting many of the same vehicles it does currently, but things that are now 10.0 would be notably higher and the things at 10.7 that it cant really fight would be out of sight.

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true but that would make too much sense for gaijin to even consider implementing. It would also make all their 10.0 and 10.3 premiums less OP therefore making them less money. Sad times when all they care about is noobs buying premiums

A proper decompression has been asked for for years. Though the hope is that with the seperation of air and ground BRs for aircraft. It might now be possible more easily. They did hint a top tier decompression in the last BR change, though I suspect this will mostly be 11.0-11.7 tanks affected. with maybe the odd 10.7 ish tank moving

But yeah, Unfortunately, some premium clearly get premium bias, Whether thats an advantage they dont need like airspawn, or perticuarly good performance or the wrong BR. Thats never gunna change. Especially when it comes to soviet vehicles which always get notable buffs (like the 292s invisible spall liners around the ammo)

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The 9040s require a very unique playstyle for the tier that harkens back to the tank hunter SPAAs Sweden has at the lower tiers. You have to rely on getting side shots to do much against most MBTs, but if you get a flank they can wipe out vehicles in sucession in very short order. You also get decent HEVT, albiet without IRST, but it’s still useful against aircraft that are close and flying in predictable patterns. A-10s and Su-25s doing low altitude strafes can be pretty consistently engaged.

But ultimately, I’d consider skipping the 9040B. Just 0.3 BR higher, you get three straight upgrades. The two 9040Cs get substantially better armor and spall liners, with the base model also getting a better round while the LVKV gets more crew and RADAR with IRST for better air defence. Meanwhile the 9040B (BILL) gets top attack missiles giving it the ability to engage tanks frontally. Sweden 9.7 is hardly much of a lineup, but 3 10.0s (And two 10.3s if you bring the Leopard 2s) is a much more solid lineup.


If you are refering to copy/paste vehicles, they will remain the same br as their copy/paste vehicles regardless of what stats they have.

They used to be different but people kept complaining that the same exact vehicle had a different br than its copy in another tech tree. Now they just tie all those stats togather and move them all up/down.

It does however get the awful downside of having stabilizer cutoff at 25 kph due to it being a CV90 MK I and not a MK II.

I know why they gave this vehicle the cutoff, but idk how it wouldn’t apply to basically every early stabilized vehicles

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Huh, I assumed that was due to it being a 9040B model, so I figured the base 9040B would have that weird stabilizer cutoff as well. Never went back and played it, just ground past it.

I can’t find any historical evidence for it being only partially stabilized either. Tank Encyclopedia lists the original base models as unstabilized, but they got external gun stabilization with the 9040A model, and “improved” internal stabilization with the 9040B model.

Tank Encylopedia also lists the tank sight as having everything needed to automatically track and engage targets equivalent to IRST, but this functionality is only present on the Lvkv 9040C, which uses the exact same sighting system.

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Yeah it isnt a MK II, Aka a “B”, its a MK I, aka an “A”.

Customers of the MK I specifically went for the 30mm variant due to it having better stabilization.

Idk how this 90s vehicle with 40mm cannon has worse stabilization than a T-62 in game, but thats how Warthunder works. No information is better than some information