Strf 9040b br

And it also has a killer soundtrack!

thats my exact point. It shows how stupid it is to base BR purely on stats as it varies massively when incompetent people use a vehicle cough cough 2s38 noobs lowering stats massively and gaijin taking this as reason not to move it up cough cough

I very much agree with you. I’m currently running this 9.7 lineup because my friends on germany and had a silly thought that 9.7 would be a great BR to play. Oh how wrong he was

reason alone to get it i guess

I’ll be honest, I was thinking the exact same thing up until the moment I unlocked the SAM to try out. I was thinking a IRST guided SAM at 9.7 was insane, boy was I shocked the moment I spawned it in and attempted to look up. Given that I wasn’t really enjoying 9.3 all that much in the first place, I immediately decided to go back to 8.7 and grind out the whole 10.3 lineup before moving up.

Huh, so it is. Guess I always transposed the B in BILL to mean it’s a 9040B.

As for why it’s so weak, it’s probably due to Gaijin’s very simplified stabilizer system. Even really basic models like the ones on the Sherman go from completely unstabilized to fully stabilized once the speed threshold is crossed, which is not how it works IRL from my understanding. So the only thing Gaijin can do is slap an arbitrary number down for what speed the stabilizer packs it in.

Of course, modelling it properly at this point would radically shake up the meta and require a ton of research to get each vehicle’s specific stabilization systems modelled correctly, so I can kinda understand why they don’t. Might be a neat feature to balance with though, and allow a bit more nuance as to where vehicles get placed.

Anyways, back on topic, at least with the BILL, it’s somewhat compensated for due to the fact that you’re best off staying below the launcher’s speed limit of 20 kph anyways. If you stick to that hulldown peekaboo playstyle, the lack of a full stabilizer hurts a bit less. Still annoying when you’re repositioning, but eh.

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Yeah afaik there are 2 stabilizer limits that are most common in game. Its 75 kph and 25 kph. Or at least those are the stabilizer limits i have ever interacted with.

For me its just kinda wierd when they apply the 25kph one.

Tbh, gameplay wise it just sounds awful to give low stabilize cutoffs. So id preffer if they just made some consistent rules one when they apply which limit

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I didnt notice the 35 degree vertical limit until your comment and I went to check. Thats horrible and probably not worth it over the 8.7 aa. Ouch