Strelas need a nerf or BR change

Strelas are too strong even for a full BR uptier.

Its too OP, and needs a nerfed or moved to 11.0,

It has a focal lock of 0.5, meaning it will completely ignore flares no matter how many you pop, that at 9.3 is just plain abusive since MOST jets don’t even have flares, pulling Gs after flaring wont work either because the 9M37M weighs 39.2kg and apparently can pull 20gs with that weight. A 4 meter trigger radius, 1.69kg TNT equivalent, and can travel up to 700 m/s, and “apparently” is a 120mm caliber LMAO. In other words, quite literally over powered for its BR. Its the ONLY thing that takes me out no matter HOW many flares I pop, how many Gs Im pulling its an instant death the moment the missile is launched. Game over. It is LITERALLY that broken.


It is going up in the next br changes. The optical tracking fixed its problem of not being able to lock helis past 1km.