Strela vs flares?

Why aren’t my flares deceiving the missile? Fr, no matter how much I spam my flares, nothing works. Are they IRCCM?

Doesn’t it have a manual guidance mode?

It’s IR missiles

So it doesn’t have a manual guidance?


That’s strange. How close were you when it locked and fired?

Strela is broken, people use it at top tier and it really does well when jets show themselves.

it uses an optical seeker so it looks for the actual image of a plane just like AGM-65A/B so flares dont affect it

I mean. Is there any surprise there?

flares should effect the missiles though. if the missiles are IR then that means they are heat seeking. flares would and should put them off

its not purely IR, as I said it uses an optical mode so flares simply do not affect it

And they used to too when it was a lower BR. I saw it when I used to fly the A4E and flares worked just fine as long as you did a high G turn after deploying the flares

that was before it got its optical seeker or the operator was using IR mode

Oi. that’s rough for any enemy planes then

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  • They have IRCCM, namely FoV narrowing: if you aren’t flaring early enough/putting the flares into the seekers view through wonky manoeuvres there’s a decent chance the seeker won’t even see the flares
  • They also have Optical Contrast lock, unless you’re an afterburning Tornado or something the IR all-aspect lock range isn’t that great and if you’re flying high enough the missile will switch guidance method if it can’t get an IR Lock. Flares/IRCM/DIRCM don’t work against optical contrast locks.

Totally balanced at 10.0 !!!