Strela, Pantsir and SU-25 issue

Don’t You think that Strela and Pantsir are too powerful? There’s no reason for Iglas to be so much better than Stingers and Mistrals and yet there we are, 10.3 is an absolute no fly zone because of this thing.

Pansir at the top tier is a reason of like 90% of planes being shot down in my games. This thing has insane radar and range that’s just broken. I mean, You literally can be shot down a second after You spawn in a plane. How is it ok?

Also I’d like to ask about Your opinion on Su-25 being on a lower BR than an A-10 in ground battles (the premium ones). In what world is the A-10 that can lock only in a perfect weather conditions and is armed with Mavericks that never actually hit anything better than the Su-25 and its idiot-proof one hit ko missiles? I almost never see A-10s in battles when SU-25s regularly obliterate enemy teams.

Btw. is it realistic that AMRAAMS are so much worse than other nations’ missiles added the next patch?


Skill issue. Pantsir literally have one the most shittiest radars ig, its so blind it aint even nice, and every single NATO CAS plane can destroy it with such ease and evade the missle with barrel roll. Try to play these before talking about them, i thought the same, then got myself Pantsir and that thing cant hit perpendicular flying plane.


The pantsir is definitely very powerful. There are some ways to avoid it but its range just forces you defensive immediately and almost negstes all CAS. The su25sm3 with its long range missiles is also a bit cracked.

It is very annoying how the USSR is the only nation to get two of the most powerful tools for Ground with little to no counterparts. They seem to be playing into the Russian bias trope.

On the other hand though the USSR is really fun to play at top tier lol.


Yep, they are both the strongest SAMs at their respective BRs.

Strelas are undodgable and unflareable with good range, very hard to defeat or engage.

(yes Gaijin has nerfed Stingers and Mistaals significantly to make sure IGLAs are stronger by a notable margin)

Pantsirs outrange anything and everything every other nation has, with a good radar+IRST that basically no one can detect has locked onto you.


Such a shitty radar.

Meanwhile the Type 81 at the same BR without a radar still having to manually spot a pixel that is shooting a missile from 20km away.


Because the Su-25 is incapable of standoff and is limited to only using the S25 which means you’re always within SPAA range

While the A10 can fire with a guaranteed lock out to 10km and the mavericks can achieve LOAL out to 20km against targets that dont move significantly

Strela is limited to 7km lock for the most part which is still poor enough that CAS can bomb it with impunity

Once again this is just US players sucking at the game ive seen tons of them use the excuse of “but i want to use the gun” as to why they’re flying within machine gun range when they can kill a whole team 10km away and a single SPAA could easily deal with an Su-25


Great, nice big angle, but what is is for when the radar at max elevation doesnt detect the plane even when looking straight at it and trying to lock it lol. And then the chaff/flare combo just completely throws off your missle from the plane.

That is because you do not understand how its radar work. Instead of scanning the whole elevation, it scans a smaller potion at once, and after doing a full circle it moves to a different zone. That is why you cant find planes sometimes, they are not in the elevation currently scanned.
You have to play around it if you want to be effective.

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Where do you get that?

Igla is inferior to Stinger in War Thunder.
Strela is mid at best at 10.3. Rolands are vastly superior.
Pantsir cannot frag any of the meta CAS.

Su-25K has at most half the engagement range of A-10 only firing dumb munitions if it wants to survive engagements.

AMRAAMs are not worse than other nation’s missiles at all.


from your comment, I can’t in fact tell that you don’t know how to use the pantsir

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bro roland’s are not superior, they are slow, can’t pull many G’s and have a short range, anything can avoid them


Yeah this is kinda the thing.

On your average 11.3 america team, nearly 3/4ths of the players are sub level 100. The constant screaming that USSR is overpowered is, IMO, heavily influenced by the pitiful gameplay on US teams and the perception of weakness that gives.

When in reality, Abrams always get their second shot first, US air is leaps and bounds better, better APFSDS, more tech tree MBTs available for a top tier lineup. A lot of US players do not play to their strengths - hull down, shooting down a hill/over a crest, while not exposing their danger triangle. This is ignoring the one-death leaving or instantly spawning air after reaching enough SP and quickly dying in it.

The complaints about pantsir always get me. It’s got the most range, yes, but it can’t hit an even minutely maneuvering target at that range. Past 13km, you don’t have energy. If anything, it baits you into taking unlikely shots. My KD in the ITO is over 2x that of Pantsir (~5.0 to 2ish). It has a radar that doesn’t lose lock or switch lock to dropped ordnance instead of the plane I originally fired on, and the missiles are more stable.

This forum can be very one-sided. Sweden is the best, anyways.


Still better than all the other MANPADs


It is also higher br than all the other manpads only sams…

do not play to their strengths - hull down, shooting down a hill/over a crest, while not exposing their danger triangle.

Because the game doesn’t play to their strengths, it’s the Russian tanks that thrive in the way the game is designed and the way the game is played, sitting behind a hill somewhere isn’t how games are won.


The Strela isn’t a MANPAD, the closest analogue in game is the Type 81 Tan-SAM

It started lower than everything else though. After like a year of it killing basically everything airborne with impunity, it finnaly got to a BR where it is slight more balanced.

And it’s still arguably better than the rolands.

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You wait for the USSR push and pick them off, then you push.

Strela was added at 9.3 and stayed there for a year and a half. It was only earlier this year that it first increased to 10.0, and then 10.3.

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