Strela Missile Lock range

I just unlocked the Strela today, Took it out in its first battles and it couldnt lock onto a heli until it was 0.56km away.
Cant lock onto jets until they are 2km away.
Its Pretty Useless now, dunno if you guys nerfed it into DogWater like yall usually do, or what.

But Its Missile stats State a 11km Lock range rear aspect.
and 3km All aspect.

It aint Getting any of that.

What I experience in game is for Jets in all aspect they need to be 1-2km
For heli’s Rear and Frons aspect 0.20km - 0.50km

Pls Fix

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Helis are a real pain when using it. You can only lock them when they are no more than about 1km. I think the all-aspect 3km lock is more for jets going super sonic. At least it’s missile has enough pull and lead to work with it.
The strella has been like this since release too. It did get an indirect buff when the manually aimed missiles were nerfed which caused the strella, as well as other spaa with manpads, to be able to comparatively be decent.

Welcome to the world of IR missile SPAA!

Helicopters have a much lower heat signature than jets, so they need to be a lot closer to be locked. Probably unhistorically close, but actual stats for MANPAD systems have proven elusive (I still maintain there’s no way the Stinger can only manage 10g, let alone improved versions of it). At least the Strela’s missiles can pull reasonably hard, so once you get the lock you’re a lot more dangerous.

All IR based SAMs need to either have their lock range improved, or go down to a tier where their low range is still sufficient to counter aircraft. 8.7/9.0ish would be a start.

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It is 100% unhistorical. While i dont know the true stats, in-game, the stinger can lock helis 2.5-3km max yet it can lock a drone from about 3.5km out. Unless they can explain how a heli can output less heat than a drone flying towards me, it is not correct.