Strela-10M2 passive detection

After a year, the strela gets a photo contrast. Only after one year.
When can we look forward to passive detection? The manual describes it perfectly. I also created the report and it was accepted a year ago and so far nothing.
It’s hard to see a plane or helicopter without passive detection.
Only when it flies close that it can be heard, or when it kills some member of my team then I find out about it.
Ozelot has thermal imaging and IRST and is on 9.7 BR.
Why did ozelot get IRST right away and strela did not? Even as a placeholder until proper passive detection would have been implemented for strela.


What are you talking about xD they are easy to flare.
And without passive detection it’s very hard to find something.
I don’t see the point here why strela should not get this feature

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If these systems have a search for targets then create a bug report.
This topic is about Strela-10M2 where the report was accepted and sent a year ago and so far no response…

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Strela doesn’t need it. The effort could be put into making other nation’s stuff actually viable, or shock horror, correct.


Gajoob :


Why is the Strela at 9.3 with 20g missiles when all other nations get 20g missiles at 10.3?


Why does every 20g missile at 10.3 sam gets irccm while strelas does not have it

What other 20 G IR-AAMs exist at 10.3 for SPAAG? The only one with a G loading above 16.5 is the TAM-SAM and that has not even been put into the game yet.

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Pretty sure its getting it now with the Tan-SAM

I would like to know what 10.3 SPAA has this 20g IRCCM missile please?

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What kind of nonsense are you talking? Of course it needs one.
How about taking IRST and thermal imaging away from ozelot and leaving only stingers and tracking radar? It’s only 0.3 br difference. (The report on 20-22g for stinger is accepted so it’s a matter of time)

Conspiracy theory.
For example Leo 2 PL had incorrect resolutions for its thermals and this update it was reported correctly, we can already see the change to correct resolution on Dev server, datamines as well.

Here you have report about Strela not being implemented for a year. Or T-62M-1 having wrong sights used,which was constantly rejected for I think 2 years, making it uncomfortable experience.

Or KV-85 riding only 34 km max meanwhile it should have maximum of 42. Which was accepted as report two years ago, still not fixed to this day, all while Tiger 1/2s have racing level of speeds.

Ту-4 - многочисленные ошибки бомбовой загрузки. - СССР - Официальный форум 2k19 lmao
They fix things all if they are under pressure from players. And here, you can see that they have a blast at it.

I mean it’s just a Radar warning receiver, it’s not like like irst, they should just add it, it won’t change much anyways as a lot of aircraft turn off their radars or don’t even have a radar in the first place.

Additionally, it’s not exactly a “modern” rwr

It would be good to know how something will appear in the sky and not find out only after it destroys my ally

You should try the Israeli Chaparral if you really want to feel pain. Same or worse mobility, no radar, can hardly lock helis but is a whole BR higher than the Strela and isn’t getting the optical lock thing.

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Its getting better rockets next update.

Wait really? Do you have a link, because I couldn’t find anything regarding that?

Pretty sure its even mentioned in Datamines, will need a moment if thats ok.

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none of the chappy are getting new missiles, the US one is already “buffed” with the change in BR last week