Street kerb cripples M4 track? Now I've seen it all

Was just playing Port Novorosiysk or whatever it’s called and my M4 went to drive over a standard run of the mill street kerb onto the sidewalk and APPARENTLY M4s are so damn fragile that it isn’t designed to drive up onto sidewalks and was crippled to the point of being immobile. I’m sorry, but while I’ve seen some absolute stupidity in the damage model Gaijin gives us for War Thunder, THIS just about takes the biscuit. This is beyond a joke. Devs, the server replay is here in case you are even remotely interested in doing something about this:

The roads on this map are totally broken … also linked to the terrible physics of the game.
Even if your track doesn’t get destroyed because of the sidewalk, the material of the said sidewalk will ensure to limit your speed at around 20kph